Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting Young

Bad news for Daddy! Blake loves her toy purse!! Thank you Westhoffs for the adorable talking, singing purse and accessories. The "My Pretty Learning Purse" sings and says all kinds of cute things that Blake is really liking these days! It also includes a lipstick rattle, mirror, keys, bracelet, and crinkly money. Too cute!

When Tim came home from work and saw her, he said "Is this a sign of what's to come?" Luckily for him, I don't own any big brand name purses so Blake hopefully will be more frugal like me! Or he can hope!!

Funny Story

To understand just how funny this is, you need to know what a weak stomach Tim has. If he sees throw up, he'll probably throw up.... etc. I won't keep going, hopefully you get the picture.

So on Friday, after eating, I gave Blake to Tim to hold while I went to do something in the kitchen. I think I was cleaning, I don't know... Anyway, he was laying on the couch and was holding her up in the air and all of a sudden I hear him say "Hhmmt mm hm hmmow." I asked him what, being really confused as to what he said, and somehow this time I understood that "hhmmt mm hm hmmow" meant "get me a towel!" I grabbed a towel and ran over to the couch to see a smiling Blake looking at her daddy who had spit-up milk on his mouth and cheek. Hilarious, right?? We thought so!!!! I cleaned him up while Blake and I laughed hysterically at him. He just sat there in shock.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Laziness & Laundry

There was nothing but laziness going on at the Trevino house today! We had nothing on the agenda today because we went to church last night and then walked around the St. Ann's Family Fair. Blake had fun, I think she was a little overwhelmed at all the people... but maybe next year and for sure all the years after, she will love the carnival and game booths. The food was excellent as always! When we got home we had some friends stop by to watch the Texas Tech/Houston game.... boo! We aren't going to talk about it. We're still mad at Taylor Potts.

I guess we're really getting older because staying up til midnight watching the game made us all super lazy today! Blake and I woke up at our usual 6:00 and she's already taken 3 naps today. Two good, long ones (the second of which I joined her for cuddled up together in our bed) and 1 little bitty one. Other than that, I've graded some papers and washed and folded laundry. Look at my cute helper!
She really enjoying sitting in the laundry basket, I guess it was comfy!

She is really close to crawling! She gets into the push-up position often and can hold herself up for a bit. She can scoot with her legs driving her chest and head forward on the ground, and she's trying to figure out how to stay up and get her legs going underneath her.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Frisco

We got in late Friday night to Tim's parent's house. After getting up at 6 A.M. on Saturday, which is Blake's daily wake up time, we had a full day. We had a yummy breakfast of Grammy's sausage bread, and when Blake woke up from her morning nap, we headed over to Tyson and Jami's new house. When we got back to the house, Big Daddy and Mammy came over to visit along with family from Iowa, and Tim's Aunt Margaret, cousin Amanda, and cousin Bryant.
Here's Juan, Big Daddy and Tim.

And I may or may not get in trouble for mentioning this... but after seeing how many pictures of Blake are in Mammy and Big Daddy's house, Amanda decided they needed more pictures of her, and the best way to make that happen was by being in pictures with Blake. May I present Exhibit 1 and 2
This is Big Daddy with his granddaughter Amanda and great-granddaughter Blake! His two girls!!
And of course, one with Mammy too!
Here's how Blake felt after her exciting day. She took a late afternoon nap and woke up to hang out with all the family friends that came over for the Tech/UT game. She even slept through the noise of everybody watching the game!

On Sunday morning we had the fabulous treat of Mammy Petra's breakfast: eggs, potatoes, beans, bacon, salsa and homemade tortillas! Yummmm!!!

Red Raider Fan

Well we all know that Texas Tech lost their football game to UT on Saturday... but that doesn't stop our Raider Pride!! How cute is Blake in her Red Raider dress?
These pictures were taken on Saturday as we watched the game in Frisco at Tim's parent's new house, which is beautiful! It was our first time to see the new house, and we enjoyed a great weekend with family. (Besides the fact that I was sick and felt awful the whole time) Blake had fun and loved all the attention everyone gave her!
And look what we passed on the way back home! The Texas Tech Football truck on its way back to Lubbock. We also passed the Goin' Band from RaiderLand's truck, but I didn't get my camera out fast enough.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look Mom! No Hands!!

Blake is sitting by herself now! She has really been getting stronger lately, working really hard to stay upright... and tonight was the first time we have seen her sit unsupported for longer than a few seconds. (Excuse her lack of clothing - it's almost bath time.) She sat playing with her play mat for a long time, as we sat close by to catch her when she wobbled or fell to the side. What a big girl!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Wheels

Not for us... for Blake!
This is our new jogging stroller. We wanted something a little more substantial for our walks/runs around the neighborhood, plus for any outdoor fair or festival we might be going to in the future (Tim can't wait til her first outdoor concert!) You can't miss us coming through the neighborhood - a daddy, a momma, a baby in a big stroller and two dogs on leashes!
This is how Blake usually ends up from our walks... asleep. She really enjoys the walks, looking at everything, wind in her hair, watching the dogs, kicking her feet, and most of the time singing.... until she gets tired and puts her daddoo in (which she can pick up and put in her own mouth!) and then it's not long before she is asleep!

PS. I love the adjustable canopies on strollers these days! It really helps block the sun or wind in almost any position.

Monday, September 14, 2009

6 Month Check Up

This morning I took off work to take Blake to her 6 mo. checkup. Usually it goes somewhat quickly, but today I walked into a very full waiting room of sick kiddos. I tried to hide my disgust when a sick little boy tried to touch B's stroller and play with the toy on it... luckily his mom caught him and told him no before I had to! An hour later and a phone call to school where I had to take the afternoon off as well, we were finally seen and out of there quickly! Apparently all the asthma kids were flared up and that's what was filling up the waiting room.

Anyway, Blake received a great checkup from Dr. B. She really likes him, smiles at him, kicks, flaps, and tries to grab all his instruments, and he's really sweet to her in return. Thank goodness she can't remember the doctor's office as the place where she gets all her shots! ha ha. He always compliments her on how cute, beautiful, etc. she is and today was no different. I think he said a variation of that a couple times, and when we were finished and getting ready to go, he said again "Man, she is gorgeous!" I'm going to pretend he doesn't say that to every baby's mother... He also described her as tall and trim, like the checkups before. She is still 97% for height at 28 inches and 75% for weight at 17 pounds 3 ounces. She's grown an inch and gained around 2 pounds since her 4 mo. checkup. She also received 4 shots, plus an oral vaccination. The extra shot today was her flu shot that he recommended and will be getting the booster for in 30 days, and they hope to have the H1N1 vaccine by then too, so she will be getting those 2 shots in 30 days, poor baby, but after that, she won't go back til 9 months! She only cried til I could pick her up and cuddle!!
Luckily she fell asleep in the car, and is currently napping, which I think she really needs after not sleeping as soundly due to her first tooth. Teething + fussy from shots = much needed nap. I just snuck in to take that picture. She mostly sleeps on her left side now and ends up on her tummy, much like me!

First Tooth

Yesterday Blake's first tooth popped through on the bottom! It was a learning day for us because I had no idea getting a tooth would make her extra poopy... but it did. She has been drooling and chewing on things for awhile now, and I always feel around her gums, but yesterday I didn't. Tim was actually the one who said maybe she's teething. Definitely is! She wasn't interested in her solid foods yesterday - she would only eat a little, she nursed pretty well, but would stop to fuss every so often (which she's done before, so I didn't think anything of). Anyway, she was definitely more fussy, so I was both excited and sad at how big she's getting when I felt the ridges of her first tooth! Now I need to go write in her baby book...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

6 Months

Today's conversation:

"Hey, I've seen these before..."
"Mom, we do this every time!"
"I feel good, da na na na na na na, like I knew that I would..." She is constantly kicking her feet, flapping her arms, wiggling around. I think she's going to be great for keeping me in shape when she becomes mobile. Notice her pant legs: they are long enough, but she is so wiggly, they keep scooting up her leg! This is just one of the many adorable outfits, size 9 mos., from Grammy Tina and Grandpa Ricardo. Thanks!

Whenever anyone asks me how Blake is doing, I always answer the same. She's wonderful! I have zero complaints and just love everything about her and everything she does.
How could you not love this face???

We go for her 6 mos. checkup Monday morning. So I will blog more with her stats and updates then!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy Day

Blake had a very eventful day. She started Musik Garten today, a music/movement program for little ones. My parents graciously decided they would take her to St. Luke's for this class that meets every Wednesday from today through December for an hour in the mornings. There are only 9 babies in the class. Grandma says Blake had fun, and was kicking her legs and wiggling her arms (which she does alot when she gets excited).

Then after picking her up after school, we met up with Tim and went for it. Blake's ears are now pierced. (Enter your opinion here) We think she looks adorable, and yes we thought she did before, too. It was hard for us to see her cry, and yes I cried, too. We made sure to do all the paperwork, prepping, paying, sterilizing, sanitizing... everything before the piercing started. I wanted to be able to leave asap in case Blake was upset. When the first ear was done, it took a little bit before the noise came. First the face crinkled up, pause, then the crying! Then I started crying, then the second ear was done quickly. As soon as I turned her around to cuddle her, and stood up to leave, she stopped crying. I stopped crying when we got to the car. Blake fell asleep on the way home and woke up 45 minutes later as happy as can be!


Labor Day

Blake is such an unhappy baby..... ha ha. She is almost always smiling!

This past weekend we made the 4 hour trek to Lake Buchanan for Labor Day weekend. The lake was really low, but we still played in the water. There was definitely a full house! Tim, Blake, me, my brother Travis, my mom and dad, my sister Katie, her husband Hector, their son Santiago, and my Grandma Pebble were there Friday through Monday. On Saturday, my uncle Scott, my uncle Greg, my cousin Reagan, her husband Jeff, and their daughter Reichly came to spend time and left Sunday. It was so fun to see the three babies playing! Reichly is 14 months old, walking and running, but not a big talker compared to Blake and Santiago who spent the weekend squealing, blowing raspberries, grunting, and making all the noises they could... it makes me wonder if they will always be so talkative!

Both Blake and Santiago love to be outside! I guess that must go for all babies... you better have shade for Blake though, or she gets a little fussy.
Here is sweet Reichly playing with the babies' exersaucers. When they were in them playing, she would try to help the little ones get out. I guess she thought they needed out of there!
Just think... next summer these two will be mobile!