Monday, January 31, 2011

Night night

Blake comes up with some silly things to do... she has always loved blankets or mats and playing with them. Well she loves my kitchen mat especially! It's the foamy kind and she loves playing "night night" on it. Last night I couldn't even walk near it because she kept scooting it farther away and saying "no. Momma. Baby. Night night"
Blake is starting to form short choppy sentences too lately.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Rituals

Saturday and Sunday mornings are extra special to me because we're not in a huge hurry to get everyone ready for the day and on-time! Blake almost always wakes up around 6:00 (sometimes it varies from 5:50ish to 6:20ish) but I always bring her to our bed at that time and we sleep in a little longer. On weekends, we usually sleep til around 7:00 when she repeatedly asks me to get up and for juice! We fix a cup of orange juice, change her diaper, let the dogs out and back in, and settle in the recliner to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We cuddle up and watch 2 episodes (til 8:00) and gradually over the hour of Mickey she gets moving and grooving and we're fully ready to play! She usually starts calling (very loudly) for Daddy to come join us, or will go climb back in our bed to get him up too.
Blake always loves being a helper, and she especially loves helping Daddy get the newspaper! It's extra-fun when they decide to drive her car to get it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun Day and a 22 Month Old

We had Monday off of school, so I got to enjoy a 3 day weekend with my favorite little girl! I love not having to rush around in the morning and getting to be a little lazy. We definitely enjoyed most of the day in our pj's and later just comfy clothes. Blake is so much fun (I know I say that all the time - but she really is more fun every single day), she's so silly and makes me laugh and smile all the time.
Blake is 22 months old now. I get a weekly email from a baby site on her development, which is always spot on, and this weeks email was about toddlers this age saying "me do it" or demanding to do things themselves. Blake definitely knows what she wants and knows who she wants to do certain things. If Blake doesn't want you to do something, she'll put her hand out toward you and say "naw" ..."naw" a few times. It's really pretty cute, but hopefully she it doesn't turn into a talk-to-the-hand attitude. ha ha!

I'm sure I'll be back to add to this post as I think of more things... school is so hectic right now as I'm getting ready to be out with Easton, I'm exhausted!! - and forgetful...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

35 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday to check on Easton. Everything is looking good, my belly is measuring right on schedule and his heart rate was in the 150s like usual, and my blood pressure was 132/80. My whole pregnancy Dr. L said we could talk about how I'd like to deliver if I felt strongly that I'd like to try a VBAC, but we've never made a final decision. Dr. L has said that I will for sure need an epidural so I don't have to be put under in case the C-section becomes necessary. Anyway, we finally finished the conversation. Because my blood pressure has been better this pregnancy he won't induce me at 38 weeks, but we're scheduling a C-section for 39 weeks (the week of Feb. 11-18th). I don't want to be induced again! So unless Easton decides to come earlier on his own, that's the plan for now.

I go back in 2 weeks for my next appointment, but we're only looking at around 4 weeks before the newest Trevino arrives!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday evening we went to the rodeo in Odessa to see Poppa rope in the Pro-Am team roping competition. Blake had so much fun watching the cows and horses (there was also calf-roping going on, too).
I'm still not convinced that Poppa actually got a professional partner because I was so not impressed with that guy's performance! He didn't catch the first steer and turned the second right on the wall so that my dad couldn't get a good throw in... But it was still a fun night!
Blake cheered and yelled and was waving across the arena. Now we might just have to buy the girl some boots!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Funny Girl

Now that we're getting things out and ready for Easton, Blake is exploring all the "new" toys that are really her old ones. She thinks she's real cute when she climbs in the Boppy bouncer! I'll hear her calling me and find her in here. So silly
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Blake was in full red and black spirit yesterday for the Red Raider bowl game! She watched some "oopba" as she calls football, and we played with all her new toys from Christmas. We went out for breakfast, but otherwise stayed in to watch bowl games, and had Tim's brother over for wings and pizza.
I don't have alot to blog about right now because this break went faster than I imagined it would. I had lots of fun and even got a little cleaning and organizing accomplished. I start back to work tomorrow... we'll see how I do waddling around my classroom this last month or so!