Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Easton cracks me up all the time... even though sometimes he isn't trying to be funny, and I have to hide my amusement. Some funnies lately:

We went to dinner after Blake's first soccer practice last Friday night with Tim's parents. We waited for a long time in the bar area of Chuy's waiting for our table, and he started asking where his taco was. I explained to him that we didn't get that until ordering from our table (we were eating chips & queso already). By the time we were seated, he banged his little hands on the table and said "Where's my taco?? Somebody bring me my taco!"

Last night, the kids were eating cup-fuls of crushed ice (from the fridge door) with a spoon. Easton got so upset, even crying-mad, because he didn't want water! Just ice! He couldn't understand how his cup kept getting water in it... lol!

Also at soccer practice, while watching the girls practice 3 on 3: Blake was unsure and would often run behind the pack instead of getting in the middle (can't say I blame her!) and Easton was watching them and said "Blake's late." I thought he said "Blake's great," so I asked him and he said "no, Blake's late!" How did he know that??

He still can't pronounce the /s/ in words, or /f/ and still does the /t/ for c,  so he says cute things like wee (see), winger (finger), tan't (can't), ee-an (Easton)...

Easton also confuses "nothing" with "anything"... like if he starts talking to me and then changes his mind he says "anything," or if I ask "what's wrong?" and nothing is, he says "anything" (it makes me giggle every time)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Blake Interview & Update

Blake had her 5 year-old well check today. She is a healthy girl who weighs 40 pounds (50 percentile) and is 46 inches tall (97 percentile!) We obviously have a new pediatrician since moving to Lubbock and I really like her. She is very thorough and good with the kids. According to today's checkup, Blake has 20/30 vision and we'll keep an eye out for worsening eyesight (kinda seems inevitable with her parents...)

And because I haven't done this in awhile... an interview!

What is your name? Blake

How old are you? 5

What is your favorite color? purple and pink

Who is your best friend? Easton 

What is your favorite animal? owl

What do you want to be when you grow up? a veterinarian

What is your favorite book to read? Sophia the First

What makes you happy? Raffi (her giraffe) always cheers me up

What makes you sad? when I lose something

What is your favorite food? okra

What is your favorite song to sing? Let it Go and "Anna's snowman song" (both from the movie Frozen)

What games do you like to play? Doc McStuffins Operation (she just got it for her birthday)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

More birthday fun

Somebody else loved Blake's birthday fun at Chuck E Cheese and cake! He's already been telling me that daddy and my birthdays are next. (I think he wants more cake! Totally my kid. Haha)


Yesterday was Blake Michelle's fifth birthday! We had a great day, with Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes at home, lunch with daddy and Nino, a birthday balloon, trip to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and marble mini-bundt cake, and opened a couple presents. 
Easton cracks me up! After we sang to Blake, he blew too... I guess for morale support. 
Her party will be on Saturday with grandparents, so we'll have some visitors starting tomorrow. Blake also has her first soccer practice tomorrow!