Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend Update, Randomly...

Saturday morning we went to the St. Ann's Family Fair. We met my mom up there for some good food, rides, and games. Blake didn't love taking off on the rides, but was easily distracted into thinking they were okay. My sweet girl probably will never be a daredevil, and that's fine by me!

I hadn't been feeling too great for a couple days and found out why that night... some lovely stomach bug had me sick all night with extreme dizziness and fever later on Sunday. Tim was on full-duty with the kids and taking care of me on Sunday, but luckily it just seemed to be a 24 hour thing.

MDO went much better on Monday. Blake was playing with a bunch of kids when I picked her up and she ate well... didn't nap great, but we're getting there.

Easton likes to chill by sitting on his knees. I think it's funny. He is such a silly baby... tooth #6 seems to be working its way out any day now.

I'll fix the pictures... these are from my phone.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I love getting good mail, besides all the junk and bills! Yesterday a package came from Mammy and Big Daddy for the kids.
Easton got the colorful blanket (so cute!) from Tim's relatives up in Iowa, and Blake got a whole bunch of aprons that used to be Big Daddy's sister Ruth's. I love them! Can't wait to get bakin' with her in them.

First Day Report

When I picked up Blake from MDO, she was just standing inside her room looking around. I waved from the half door, and she made her sad face and pointed at me (she points at me when she gets embarrassed, sad, etc.) I picked her up and she put her head down on my shoulder and started patting my back. Her teachers said she had a good day, but knew it was hard since she was just starting. She got scared when a kid from another room pulled the fire alarm, cried when it was naptime and while pottying. Miss Michelle said she patted her back and kind of played with her hair and she took a nap no problem.  And maybe Blake was just worried about getting help for wiping... I don't think she talked at all at school and she did not eat any lunch or snack! I think she'll get better every day she goes, and I'm glad her teachers are so sweet to her. We went to Sonic for a slush to celebrate her first day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blake's First Day of MDO

Here was Blake before her first day at MDO this morning. She was excited and ready: we've been talking for weeks about what school will be like. I was worried about her being gone so long, being so shy.... everything. But she did great. Tim and I both dropped her off. We met her teacher, put her stuff away in the cubbies, and said our goodbyes. She didn't say a word once we entered the building and obediently walked over to the tables like Miss Nina asked her too after we said bye. Blake didn't cry! Of course, walking to my car, I did. And tears rolled down my cheeks all the way home. But I am so happy that she gets to be in a place to make some friends and play with others besides me and Easton! With that said, I can't wait to go pick her up and hear how her day went!!We had a lunchbox, backpack and nap mat all embroidered and ready this morning. Here she is in her pajamas getting ready to go!

Of course these are blurry, but here is Blake in her classroom. Look at her taking it all in! Deer-in-headlights...

Me? Well I got alot of cleaning done at home during Easton's nap. It was much quieter at home, but we had some good mommy and son time. Isn't it crazy to see such a little guy standing up playing? He pulls up to the ottoman and can kind of scoot/walk his way around it. Slow down, time!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I got "the call" on Monday that a spot opened up in Mother's Day Out and Blake will be going on Mondays and Fridays... starting tomorrow. We've been talking about what it will be like all week, we went up and toured her "school", and her lunch box, nap mat, and backpack are all embroidered and ready! I don't know who to worry more about, me or her!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Easton Update

Saturday we celebrated Easton's Baptism. Just like Blake's big day, Easton was the only baby being baptized! Katie and Travis are his godparents, and we had our families over afterwards for a late lunch. Easton did great at the baptism, besides trying to climb us like jungle gyms! Fr. Yesu was so sweet and let Easton touch the warm water, but he thought Easton was a girl at first! Oops... he wore the same baptism gown that Blake wore. But I think all babies wear gowns, boy or girl.

Also, Easton has 5 teeth. He was teething in the night, and today has a fifth tooth, the one besides the top left tooth. It's bittersweet my little boy is growing so fast.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 Months

Easton Ray is 7 months old today! My little man is amazing me daily at just how fast he's growing.

Easton has 4 teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom middle. He is eating like a champ. He would grab pieces of our food in Florida and wants everything. Back at home, he's eating cereal and his baby foods without the gagging-refusal! Easton gets mad if he's not fed fast enough.

Easton army crawls/scoots really fast. He can turn around and sit up and also grabs onto anything he can to pull up to his knees and feet. If you're sitting on the ground, you will be used as a jungle-gym to climb on! I'm also going to have to lower his crib since little mister can pull up now.

He is so happy and just wants to be near you. I love all my hugs, kisses, and cuddles! Easton is "talking" alot these days and squealing up a storm. He has a big day this Saturday, he will be baptized! Tim's parents, Katie, Travis, Santiago, and Gabriel will be coming in town, and my parents will return from Florida. We're having a party after the baptism, with a late lunch so I am busy preparing the house and food!

*again, pictures will be uploaded once I receive the camera cord!! check back

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Destin Family Vacation

We just got back from Destin, Florida around 6:30 last night. Both kids developed runny noses on the trip, Easton is teething, but I think Blake has a little cold. She is definitely not feeling 100%. But the trip was awesome! It was so fun and a gorgeous place to be. I could move there!!

We arrived Friday night, after changing planes in DFW and then picking up the rest of the fam in Houston to fly the 1.5 into Destin. I finally got to hold my sweet new nephew!

On Saturday, we played at the beach, ate hamburgers at the Sand Bar at our resort, swam more, swam in the pool and Kitty Cat pool (kiddie pool) as Blake called it, and got cleaned up to eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. What an awesome dinner!

On Sunday, we played and swam all day and went to Pompano Joe's for a delicious dinner on the beach. Same thing on Monday with a great dinner at McGuire's Irish Pub. Tuesday we enjoyed the beach one last time in the morning before leaving midday to come home.

Blake was very cautious and called the waves scary. It took a couple days, but then she was sliding through the sand into the water and asking to be taken out past the waves! Easton did not like the water when it would touch him if a wave came to the shore. He started crawling in Florida and can go a couple steps before dropping back to his tummy. We had so much fun with our little family and all of mine!

*will be adding more pictures when I can upload from the camera we borrowed

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I would say Easton can sit! I discovered while getting him ready for a bath last night that he can sit unsupported. Now he sometimes still reaches too far for things and falls over... but we're getting there! When he scoots around, he can turn his tushy around and almost push back up to sitting. Easton also likes to pull up to his knees by grabbing onto me if I'm sitting on the ground!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Outdoors...

Little man Easton is just happy always. We're watching Blake paint!
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Outdoor Fun

Blake is enjoying her new sidewalk chalk (yay for clearance finds)! And we all love the cooler weather and the ability to actually play outside more!
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Easton was looking a little scraggly. His hair was long on top and above the ears and neck, but really short all across the back (from where it's rubbed off). Anyway, we got a wild hair today (ha ha, punny) and decided to trim it up.
Out came the trimmer and Easton got his hair buzzed off to 1" all over! He looks so different, and now his hair is so light. Cute!
At least now we can style it besides the giant comb-over he had.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Game Day

Go Red Raiders! Today was the first college game day for Tech and Easton's first ever... Both kids looked so cute in Tech gear from Uncle Nino. Thanks Nino!!
Get Your Guns Up!
Hopefully college football season means cooler weather is coming.... that's all I want!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gettin' Big

Easton sat in a highchair in a restaurant for the first time tonight! He really enjoyed being up and on his own (usually we hold him if he's not content in the car seat) but he's so strong and fast with his grabs for everything... straw wrappers, salt and pepper shakers, food, he wants it all!

He's a pretty good sitter but still topples over if he reaches too far for something. He was also a pretty good eater but has lately decided he doesn't like any of the fruits or veggies he was eating and only wants rice cereal! Don't think you can sneak it in either... he'll blow it out with his tongue!

On a different note, his morning nap lasted 4 hours!! I think the teething interrupting his sleep is over (knock on wood).
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