Thursday, March 28, 2013


Just a few things to remember...

Blake and I were sitting on the couch one day after she woke up from her nap. Easton was still sleeping- and we were singing songs and giggling and being silly. She told me "no momma, I'll sing and you do the hand commotion!" (Hand motions)

Easton's newest thing is to call me "nice mommy." He'll say it several times, leaning his head to the side and cutting his eyes over towards me, or if he's close enough he'll come lay his head on my shoulder while he says it. Not sure if he thinks he's buttering me up or what... But it's cute! (He also does "nice daddy" the same way for Tim!)

While singing along to a kids' song cd in the car, Blake sings the chorus ".... Praise ye The Lord, Olivia!" (Hallelujah) She shouts out Olivia every time!

Love my little bunnies so much!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Party Animal

This weekend we were very busy! Blake was invited to 2 birthday parties for classmates, had a doctor's appointment, and I was single-mommin' it for the weekend. Tim took a long guys' weekend to play golf in Austin with his brother and friends. It was good to be busy and have plans, but exhausting too! 

Friday was Blake's well check in the morning, and birthday party #1 that night. There were clowns, face painting, pony rides, a magic show, bounce house and of course candy and cake. I didn't take any pictures during the party because Easton insisted on being held the whole time! But Blake had her face painted as Hello Kitty!

As always, Easton was thrilled to be included. I wasn't sure if it was okay to bring little brother along since we're pretty new to birthday parties beyond family and closer friends. But I was relieved to see all the siblings, big and little, that tagged along with all the other party goers too! He did not want his face painted! But both kids rode the pony by themselves, bounced their heart out and had tons of fun. I was glad to meet more moms from school and put Blake's school friends' faces with their moms.
Saturday was party #2, which was a tea party, and fairy-themed! Blake dressed as Tinkerbell and was ready to go!

 Blake and a friend both as Tinkerbell.

The birthday girl's house was amazing, with a beautiful tea party table, extra dress-up clothes, tiaras, jewelry, and tons of food. Blake and Easton loved the craft table (not really part of the party but was oh so handy in occupying them!) while we waited for all the other little girls to show up.
Cinderella and Ariel came too and served the pink tea (lemonade), cookies, cake, read stories and put make up on the girls.

 Blake loved Cinderella most of all!

 drinking tea at an adjoining table - Blake had a minor meltdown when she thought I had left her at the party alone. I was just in the kitchen getting me and Easton a snack and drink, but she forgot where I was and broke down crying. We quickly regrouped, and ended up at this table so I could sit behind her on the stairs!

You can kind of see her purple sparkly eye shadow and swirls beside her eyes!

Blake with the princesses and birthday girl

While Tim's been gone, Blake gets to sleep with me in our bed. Both kids fell fast asleep again- play hard, sleep hard! Now I'm ready for bed....

Friday, March 22, 2013

4 Year Old Check Up

We went to Blake's 4 year well check this morning. She received 2 shots (8 immunizations total) in her arm, which she was more worried about beforehand than when it actually happened. Blake measured 44 inches tall (99th percentile) and still weighs 34 pounds! (42nd percentile) Dr. B asked if I could tell if she was taller than her peers... I just smiled and told him that she was a full head above most of them. My little supermodel! But all in all, she's a perfectly healthy girl!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blake's 4th Birthday Party

We had Blake's party the Saturday after her birthday, and Tim's parents got here Friday afternoon. I started feeling really bad with stomach pain, and ended up spending the evening with food poisoning. I was so worried I would miss out on Blake's party, but I would not cancel for her sake! I would just stay away if I had to... Tim and his parents took the kids out to dinner as planned while I stayed home. Around 10:00 Friday night I finally felt halfway better and knew I would survive. haha! Because before that I just wanted to be put out of my misery...

So Saturday for lunch we had Blake's party with Grammy, Grandpa, Grandma, Poppa, GG, Aunt Pat, Nino, and us. We had sandwich fixings, veggies, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, chips and dip, and of course a Hello Kitty cake.

Blake was showered with all things Hello Kitty and Sofia the First, with a little Minnie Mouse and Barbie too... books, games, clothes, pajamas! So grateful for everyone who came and made Blake feel special and thanks for helping me since I was still mostly taking it easy. I wish I had taken pictures of everyone else there.

Easton bonked his nose on either Poppa's boot or Grandpa's shoe (don't remember!?) and had a boo-boo. Grandma gave him Sesame Street band-aids so he decided he needed one on his nose!

Blake was so ready for present and cake time! She was ready to blow out those candles!

*turns out it was a stomach bug I had, (based on the 3 people who have now gotten the bug too) so a HUGE apology to anyone who got it! I was so sure it was food poisoning or I definitely would've stayed away. So sorry! I feel terrible about that.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Morning Snuggles

This is the normal scene in our bed in the mornings after we all get up. Blake wakes up earlier than Easton at around 6:50-7:00, and always comes into our bed to snuggle in the morning. Easton sleeps til about 7:30, even as late as 8:00 sometimes, but they love to watch tv in our bed together.
Easton always calls out "mama, mama" when he's ready to get out of his crib... I wonder what will happen when he moves to a big boy bed... (which won't be for a while) But I have to enjoy it while it lasts because who knows when they won't want to cuddle or spend as much time with us?!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Blake Michelle is four years old today! We have been blessed with a smart, kind, helpful, sweet, determined and beautiful daughter! My cup runneth over. Now if we can only slow down time.... 

 on her "birth"day!





I think it's safe to say that Blake was excited to turn four. She kept telling me "thank you for making my day so special!" It was a great day! Blake's breakfast of choice was Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes... which I think I did okay! (Easton was just thrilled to partake in all the yummies and be around birthday festivities!)

We had a couple errands to run, and while we were out, Blake got to pick out her birthday balloon! (It's a rule that they only get a balloon on their birthdays, so they don't beg for one every time we go grocery shopping.) She picked a Hello Kitty balloon... who would've guessed right?!
We picked up Rosa's to bring home for lunch, and after nap time, Geneva, Cecily and Tori came over with cupcakes, a present for Blake and stayed to play dress up for a little bit!

Tim got held up with work a little longer than Blake would have liked and she was so ready to open her presents when he got home (which was normal time, just not early like he was hoping!) Blake asked for a "cat that looked like a real cat, since she already had Hello Kitty and she doesn't look real," so she got Marie (from Aristocats), and a sparkly pink scooter, and Sofia the First movie. We'll save her other little presents for her party!
 Blake loves steak and asked for it for her birthday dinner. She also made sure to pick out a ribeye that wasn't too small! We cooked a yummy steak dinner, and then it was cake time. All in all, a great day!
We love you!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's a Circus

Today we went to an actual circus, but sometimes going anywhere with my two seems a little circus-y! Circus Gatti was in town and I definitely wanted to take Blake and Easton, so we all went this afternoon. They enjoyed it, especially the "pretty girls" and the poodle performance for Blake and the ponies and motorcycle for Easton. But they most enjoyed sitting down, getting up and being so busy all over the place- thank goodness we were in the upper level by the rail so it didn't bother anyone else.... But Tim and I felt like our two kids were the only ones who couldn't sit still! I feel pretty certain I'm the only one who had to fish pieces of M&M's out of their son's nose!! Thank goodness he didn't try the whole ones!