Sunday, May 4, 2014

Soccer progress

Warning! Mommy brag!! 

Blake has come a long way from the start of the season, especially from crying on my shoulder 15 minutes into the first practice from being overwhelmed. After Blake scored a goal a couple weeks ago, she really has been working so hard and improving. She still wants to please her coaches and constantly waits for directions, she looks to them at every whistle blow of the game. But Blake says she knows she doesn't have to be Miss Nice Girl to the other team (a lesson from Papa). Now she will run to the ball in the cluster of girls, instead of backing off, and go up to any opposing player and kick until she gets the ball away. It brought tears of pride to my eyes to see her so confident and doing so well! She started her last game off by kicking off, then stealing the ball back and immediately going down field to score... made me realize how great it is that she wound up on this team because it made her better, instead of a team of beginners (which I was not sure of a couple weeks ago...)  I need to add more pictures, but I find myself getting so caught up cheering at Blake's soccer games that I forget.