Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Water Bug

Blake loves to be outside, and Blake loves water! We had beautiful weather on Sunday, and we hung out in the front yard while Tim was at softball practice. I really, really wish I had the movie camera with us, but I did take pictures!
We started out playing with Blake's little sand toy set, putting leaves and sticks in the bucket, raking and shoveling... and then I decided it would be a good idea to water the flower beds while we were out there. So Blake helped me get the water hose, and turn it on, and water some plants. We filled up the watering can and watered plants with that too. She loved feeling the water coming out of the can and the hose. So Blake decides to walk over to the hose and grab it. She's feeling the water stream out and starts flinging the hose around. She's laughing and I'm laughing. The water stream gets her head every once in awhile. Her hair's getting wet, her shirt, and her tush is soaked by this point from sitting in the water! Blake had me laughing so hard! "Mom, what's so funny??"
After flinging the hose around some more, she puts it down, and decides to stick her face in the stream to get a drink!
I'm thinking she's going to enjoy splashing around in the lake this summer!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm talking about Blake. Busy, busy! She is always on the go and exploring. She of course still loves playing on the dishwasher and the little monkey can even open it by herself now.

You just can't help but smile! (Check out the beautiful color she is developing despite sunscreen... lucky! I am just destined to be pale...)

This past weekend we got to spend time with Uncle Bubba who was in town after the mountain lion hunting excursion. He and Grandpa, along with some friends, had trekked to New Mexico. Grandpa was on the lookout team, and Uncle Bubba was the photographer for the trip as neither one of them were itching to have a mountain lion rug made. ha ha!Anyway, we were glad to spend time with him! It was a beautiful night to play in the dirt, and so we did. Here we are after a yummy dinner that G.G. joined us for, too.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One of Blake's favorite things to do at my parents' house is to look at the bunnies. I think they are Cottontails, but I could be wrong. Anyway, she loves to look out the window to see them and especially go walking around outside to look at them. This past weekend, Pappaw called and told us to get our camera ready for what he was bringing over. This is what he brought...
A teeny, baby rabbit! Blake definitely didn't know what to think about it at first, but she became more sure and eventually just grabbed it. A little exploration, and...
soon enough we're lovin' on the bunny.
I made him take it back to his barn where he found it, and we washed our hands and bathed really well. A little nature won't hurt right?!? ha ha

Side note: I am well-aware that Blake looks like a ragamuffin! The wind was blowing her hair in her face really badly. She will not allow a barrette or clip or bow or anything in her hair, so I try to keep it brushed to the side. I just feel like we'll get back in a clip soon or her hair will be long enough to keep behind her ears, whichever comes first! I really don't want to cut it!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have been wanting a picture of Blake with the beautiful bluebonnets that are in bloom this year. But living in West Texas doesn't make that an easy task, and we haven't been able to travel to see the bluebonnets either. So as I was taking a walk with Blake yesterday afternoon, look what we found a couple streets over growing between the curb and sidewalk...Hill Country - eat your heart out! I thought it was so great I had to park the stroller for a quick picture from my phone!
Hi! Blake is constantly waving - even looking up to wave hi to me on our walk. I love this little girl.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

13 Months

Cheese! ha ha. This is Blake's big, cheesy smile that she gives when she thinks things are funny.
Blake turned 13 months old on Monday, and I just thought I'd update with a few more goings-on. Blake is enjoying walking around. I would say that is her favorite thing to do. You can see in the picture how happy she is when she walks somewhere by herself!

Other things she is up to these days:
-tickling people - she thinks it is so funny to tickle you (or our dogs!)
-waving to everyone!
-blowing kisses
-signing "more" and "doggy" - we're working on a little sign language
-Blake can also show you what an elephant "says" by lifting her arm like a trunk,
-tell you what a cow and horse say,
-and wave her arms back and forth to show you what wind is like!

Blake also loves to read books, have lotion put on her, be outside, and LOVES to take baths. She is starting to tolerate cow's milk, but only if it's mostly chocolate. (I will be gradually weaning the chocolate down to straight white milk.)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tim and I always do our grocery shopping for the upcoming week together on the weekend, usually Sunday. Now of course, Blake joins us, too. Usually she sits up front in the shopping cart, occasionally in her stroller, and sometimes I carry her for a quick trip. Today, she wouldn't even think of sitting in the cart! Now that Blake can walk, she wants to walk all the time. Nonstop. Around and around the house. Outside. Anywhere. She can get pretty bossy about it. She's getting pretty good at walking alone. She can stand up by herself without using her hands. She can turn around and walk another direction, but she still loves and is most comfortable walking around holding onto one of your fingers. She'll come up to you and grunt and groan while yanking on your finger if you don't get up right away.

Anyway, today at HEB Blake decided she wouldn't sit or be held or even walk while holding onto fingers. She had to push the cart. Had to. Our shopping trip today took a long time! We had to walk baby speed while pushing the cart behind Blake. Thankfully, most people thought she was really cute doing this and were patient with us.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look Who's Walking

As I was feeding the dogs tonight, Juan yelled at me to hurry and come look at Blake. The little peanut was walking across the living room! I ran real quick to find my camera to document the exciting event. Man, she sure makes me smile! So I have video on my digital camera, and I took a video on our movie camera... I'm not proud at all, right? Anyway, she proceeded to walk around without help about 6 more times, she's already alot more confident than when she walked on Sunday (which I think surprised the heck outta her!). Here's a short little video.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is my baby monkey loving on her baby monkey. Blake received this as a birthday present. It is so dang cute, complete with a monkey daddoo... which Blake thinks is funny to try to suck on, too.

Easter Weekend

We had beautiful weather for Easter weekend! We stayed here and just played around the house. Here is what the Easter Bunny brought Blake:
new hair clips, toys, and some of her favorite snacks, yogurt and Cheerios!
Blake enjoyed rooting around in her basket seeing all her new goodies. We also took the wagon (with the new canopy we bought) down to the park down the street and played. By we, I mean Tim, Uncle Juan and me (aka The Three Best Friends... just ask Juan to sing it). Blake loves to walk around by leading you by your fingers, and especially loves to be outside. So we did both!
Blake played soccer for the first time...
and crawled all over the place!
Look at the intense concentration as she picked up leaves and put them in the bucket. Anything is fun to a baby!A little over a year old, and getting so big! Late Sunday night we had a big milestone. Blake walked halfway across the living by herself. She has been able to take about 2 steps unassisted before falling. But yesterday, she was standing by herself holding her sippy cup of water. We just quietly watched her as she took slow, sure steps before plopping down halfway to the couch. Unbelievable! I guess I better make sure my running shoes are ready!
Muah! (blowing kisses)