Monday, June 29, 2009


Blake has been working really hard today and the past couple of days trying to roll over. She has been bringing her legs up while she's on her back, and she wiggles enough to roll onto her side (most of the time). But then she gets mad! She grunts and moans and tries her hardest to figure out how to get out of that position. Her arm is stuck under her.... She eventually stops wiggling, bringing her legs back down, and returns to her back. We'll see how long it takes her before she achieves the back to front roll!

Again, sorry I didn't include pictures, but for some reason I can't figure out why this computer doesn't want to upload them anymore!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Sorry I haven't blogged this week, but my computer isn't uploading my pictures from my camera (or whatever the terminology is for that... upload, download, something). I have some pictures I wanted to share, so I guess I'll keep trying.

Other than that, Blake has been laughing this week. We thought she giggled a little over the weekend, when all the company was here, but yesterday she was really laughing. It's like a cute little "h-huh, huh, huh" like a chuckle. I don't know how to describe it, but I liked it! Let's hope she doesn't get her mother's big abnoxious laugh! Anyway, she is really liking listening to all the noises she is learning to make. I made her laugh yesterday by singing the Jack in the Box commercial song "Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich." Creative aren't I? Anyway, she liked it and laughed at me because I was using her arms to do the motions that go with the jingle!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lots to Celebrate

We had a busy weekend! Aunt Katie and Santiago flew in on Thursday, so Blake and I got to spend time with them and Pappaw and Grandma Thursday night and most of Friday! It's fun to see Blake and Santiago together. Too bad they don't live closer together! :( I have cute pictures of them playing, but I'm having technical difficulties and will try again later!

Grandpa Ricardo, Grammy Tina, and Uncle Juan came in Friday night. We had Luigi's for dinner when they got here and Oscar's for breakfast with them on Saturday morning. Then at 1:00 on Saturday, June 20th, Blake was baptized in her private ceremony! No other babies showed up. Blake did great! She never cried and actually slept through the whole thing... I was worried she would cry, but cousin Santiago took care of that for her! She looked beautiful in a bonnet I had, a gown from Grandpa and Grammy, and white shoes printed with her name and birthday on the bottom.

Then we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs at our house. We had most of the women and babies inside, while the guys played bean bag toss in the backyard. Grandpa Ricardo and Pappaw Monty showed the young guys up, and swept the tournament. Tim said no one even got close to beating them!

Everyone left on Sunday, so we are back to our usual routine. Thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate Blake being baptized. It was great to see everyone again! We are planning on taking turns with Tim's parents on visiting once a month. One weekend they come here, next month us there, and so on, so they can see Blake more often. Right now Blake is asleep on her blanket, she is still exhausted from all the excitement and people, and didn't feel like tummy time this morning...

Congratulations to my parents today for 35 years of marriage! and Happy Birthday Bubba! Uncle Travis is 30 today!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

One More Thing

I forgot to mention that Blake has a new trick! While she has been rolling from front to back several times already, she learned a faster way! She can push her whole chest off the ground with her arms straight on tummy time, so when she is up there she leans to her right (all her rolls are to her right so far), pushes, and she does a fast roll to land on her back! She did it Saturday and again this morning! Once she learns to roll back to front, she will be rolling around the house.


This weekend Uncle Juan came to visit. He came for a Baptism class, as Blake will be baptized next weekend and he will be her Godfather (Aunt Katie will be her Godmother). We had a really nice weekend. It was really hot here, in the 100s, so we mostly stayed inside hanging out. Tim, Juan and some buddies went to a Reckless Kelly concert Friday night, while Blake and I stayed in. We had Oscar's Saturday morning (of course!) and otherwise had a pretty low key weekend, grilling out at the house. At the Baptism class, Monsignor P. was talking to us and asked Juan if he was the Padrino (keep in mind we were wearing nametags so obviously he thought Tim and Juan spoke some Spanish). We all just looked at each other not knowing what he was asking. He asked it a couple more times, and finally someone explained that Padrino was Spanish for Godfather. We had a good laugh!

Friday, June 12, 2009

3 Months

Time is going by so quickly... Blake is 3 months old already! She is getting pretty talkative, making lots of noises, trying to suck on one or both of her fists at once, and wiggling and kicking. She loves to bat at and grab her hanging toys on her bouncer and playmat. She is sleeping consistently at least 8 hours at night, and for 9 hours alot of the time! We have such a good baby! One of my favorite things she does right now, is during tummy time she raises her head and chest off the ground by pushing her arms straight and raises her legs. She looks like SuperBaby!

I had to take this video across the room, zoomed in because she kept noticing me and the camera, and stopping. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hang Time

Blake and I are really enjoying our laid-back summer. Most of the time we hang out in the living room playing. Her toys, blankets, burp rags, swing, and everything else have taken over our decorating style. She loves to lay on this quilted blanket and look at all the bright colors.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Look how big Blake is getting!

They grow up so fast! As her 3 month birthday nears, it's time for a little update. Blake loves sucking on her hands, lifting up to 90 degrees on tummy time, sitting and standing up with help, her monkey from her playmat, and hearing stories!

We are looking forward to Uncle Juan's visit this weekend!! More blogs to come soon, I promise!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Good Sport

We had a nice weekend! It was pretty relaxing... Oscar's of course, some errands, church, lunch with Pappaw and Grandma. But on Friday night we were invited by Brooke to the Midland Rockhounds game (that's our minor league for those that don't know). A friend of hers had gotten us tickets right on the first base line, two rows behind the Rockhounds dugout. They were really great seats, but it was kind of stormy out and it started to rain around the 2nd inning. Luckily, another friend who works there was able to let us sit in a suite for the game! The people who own it didn't show up so her boss said it would be fine for us to borrow it!!
Here we are with Melanie who works for the Rockhounds, and Brooke.
Daddy and Blake checking out all the action down below.

Blake was really happy the whole time til around the middle of the 6th inning. It was bedtime and apparently she really wanted to be home. The crying stopped as soon as the car started moving to go home!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Girl

Everybody is asking me, "Is Blake a good baby?" How could I answer anything other than YES! She is a happy baby, who doesn't fuss very often, but will let you know when she needs or wants something! She is sleeping really well. I couldn't ask for better. Since she was about 6 weeks or so, she started sleeping for 6 hours at night, which is now 8 or 9 hours. She likes her sleep positioner, which you can see in the picture.

Again... looking just like her daddy!

Here she is waking up this morning. She usually talks and coos to her mobile when she wakes up and smiles real big when I go in and start talking to her.

This last picture is my wiggle worm on her changing table talking to herself in the mirror. Sometimes diapering her is difficult because she moves around so much!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I just have some cute pictures to share! These two pictures are the hair bow holders I made for Blake. The top one is for little bows and is a picture frame covered in some of the fabrics from her bedding, and the bottom one with the long ribbon is for big bows, painted with some of the colors of her room!I love having projects to do!
.This is Blake falling asleep on her tummy. She was not interested in having tummy time and just decided a little nap sounded much more fun!

Here is silly Blake just being silly. The pink outfit is Polo brand, one of Tim's favorites. I was trying to prop her up in the corner of our couch but as soon as the camera came out she would slump over and smile behind the pacifier. I gave up after a few tries! So silly. And these last two pictures are of Blake wearing her daddy's hat. She was wiggling so much that we had a hard time keeping it on her head without covering her whole face!