Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Months

Today's conversation went like this:
"Here I am! Cheese!"
"Ok, my turn to use the camera!" (which means putting it in her mouth)
"You know I can't sit still! Look at what a big girl I am!"

and here she is after dinner, where she loves to smear her food in her hair...
Blake is quite the busy bee. She is a fast crawler, likes to pull up to stand on people and furniture, can "walk" down furniture, loves music and will sing along, is very excitable, loves to give kisses and sounds like she's panting when she gets really excited. Blake has 6 teeth, 2 top, 4 bottom, which you can see pretty well in the above picture. She has been sick for 1.5 weeks of this past month, but like I said before, she is acting like herself again. She can wave bye-bye (for real, not her straight arm version), and LOVES playing in my closet with all my shoes... the kitchen drawers, dishwasher, and refrigerator are also becoming favorites.

Monday, January 11, 2010


This lucky little girl, or loved little girl, got a horse for Christmas. Isn't this Radio Flyer rocking horse the cutest thing ever??!?! Blake loves it!! She'll point to it and kind of grunt, which is her way of telling us what she wants. So you turn it on and it whinnies, clip clops, and plays "Home on the Range." She really gets excited when it starts playing the song. That's when she really starts bouncing. You can either bounce up and down, or rock back and forth. She's barely heavy enough to bounce and hasn't figured out how to rock it yet. When the song starts she usually starts flapping one arm up and down, which you can kind of see in this next picture.
Yee Haw!! Thanks Mammy and Big Daddy!
PS. Blake had a check up at the pediatrician today who said her lungs sound good, but her ears are still infected. She's on day 6 of 10 of her antibiotic so hopefully by day 10 it will be all cleared up. You can tell she's back acting like herself though!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well Blake is better now. She still has a cough and a little runny nose, but is acting almost 100%, so that makes for a happy mommy. Speaking of me, I have been sick since the first Monday of my Christmas break, so about 3 weeks now, and went to the doctor last Thursday and have started meds. I am on the mend now, even better enough to get Oscar's for us (drive through only)! Tim is now getting it and is starting to go downhill, I just hope his doesn't last 3 weeks and that we can get all of us well!! Blake is considered contagious until all her symptoms are gone... We have definitely been cooped up lately. I'm not taking her out anywhere!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It all started last Monday when Blake starting running a fever, coughing, and having a stuffy nose. By Tuesday, as the fever climbed to 101 degrees, and then 102, I went ahead and made an appointment to see the pediatrician. He was not there that day, so we saw a different doctor who examined her and said she had bronchiolitis. All we could do to help Blake was to just make her comfortable. So I spent the next week suctioning out her nose that just dripped with snot, and came out even worse with her big sneezes! She just coughed til she cried, sneezed, and slept. I spent most of the week laying on the couch with Blake so she would sleep. Cut to yesterday, when we went back to the doctor, this time seeing our usual pediatrician. She still had fever of around 100, still coughing, congested, same story. So after 4 hours, labwork and chest x-rays..... Blake has bronchiolitis, and RSV. She seems to be a little better today and has even laughed a little. Hopefully she is now on the road to recovery!