Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekend Update

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Frisco with Tim's parents. We were invited to a surprise going away party for one of Tim's oldest friends, and it was a great excuse to catch up with everyone. I had great plans to take lots of pictures... but the funny thing is, there's not a lot of time to take pictures keeping up with 2 busy kids. The only pictures I took were with my phone at Love & War on Sunday when we went to watch Eleven Hundred Springs. Easton was so cranky and clingy to me and finally fell asleep in my lap. Blake had fun and even felt the urge to dance, just a little, right behind our table on the patio.

The weekend was humid and rainy, and Friday morning when we went to the neighborhood park to play, Blake told me "I like Frisco, but I like how Midland feels better." Totally my daughter... we prefer dry heat! But it was a fun weekend, with a little shopping, swimming, good food, family and friends.

In other news, I had a checkup for my foot, and both the avulsion fracture by my ankle and the smaller fracture on the top of my foot are both healing correctly without moving out of line or anything. 10 more days in the boot and then another checkup!

Yesterday I got these ready...
I had big plans of moving Easton to his big boy bed and ditching the diapers for training undies!! But now I think I'll wait til Blake is out of school so we can stay home for a while to try it! Wish us luck.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

At the Car Wash...

Tim needed to wash his truck and clean it out, so the kids decided to help. And by help, I mean play in the bubbles, run around and giggle! But since we've been in triple-digit weather for 3 days in a row now.... why not?!
 "Easton, come stand by your sister!"
"Hug each other!" Blake hugged Easton, and Easton hugged himself!
Aren't they sweet?
I am loving my lantanas out front! They are growing like crazy- love it!
 Look at these happy faces! just after dunking their arms in the water/soap bucket...
*Just to add for memory's sake- broke my foot on Wednesday. small fracture on foot close to ankle. boo!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Splash Day

Tuesday was Splash Day at preschool. Easton went to play at Grandma and Poppa's, so I could go help and play at school.
The kids had a blast! Both the 3 year old and 4 year old classes were "splash day-ing" together, and Blake's classmates are so sweet. I'm so glad I got to go!

 They had slides in pools,
 colored shaving cream on bubble wrap,
 lots of playtime
 and a water balloon toss! Blake can really throw!

Afterwards, I helped getting the kiddos back in dry clothes and stayed to eat with Blake. Love this girl!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Well I had a real Mother's Day because my kids were so cranky and whiny that I knew I was a mom! They certainly didn't get the memo that mommy would enjoy their best behavior.... but that's ok.  I was surrounded with love and that's what matters... good food, great family, got to pick out a few gifts, and all in all, I'm just grateful that I have kids, even if they whine sometimes!

Blake had made me some gifts at school, and she was so excited to give them to me. She decided I could open them after breakfast! There was a sweet poem with her fingerprint craft, a purple and pink butterfly and this sweet fill-in-the-blank about me.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Interview with Blake

What is your name? Blake

How old are you? four!

What is your favorite color? purple

Who is your best friend? Emma (friend from preschool)

What is your favorite animal? umm, bunnies and giraffes, because I have both of those

What do you want to be when you grow up? a momma and a dentist

What is your favorite book to read? pony book (My Little Ponies)

What makes you happy? happy songs

What makes you sad? sad songs

What is your favorite food? chicken noodle soup

What is your favorite song to sing? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

What games do you like to play? girl games and to shake things

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Easton is changing a lot these days... his personality is so funny and he is talking so much!

-about 73 times a day I hear "momma's boy!"close behind in frequency are: "keep you momma" and "I love you"- Easton is constantly buttering me up with a big 'ole smile and his little head tilted and the twinkliest eyes when he excitedly tells me these things! Often I get a kiss too. (Tim gets "keep you" and "I love you" too!)

-if I ever bump into anything, get hurt, drop something, or make any kind of remark: oops, ow, ah! anything.... Easton quickly asks me "okay momma?" He always checks on me right away!

-when he is told no or to stop doing a certain thing (like try to wrestle Blake to the ground!), he always tells me "sorry momma, I love you!" Tim says he always employed that technique, too!

He also will shout "momma, where are you?" over and over if he ever needs to find me in a different room
-says thank you loudly, only it sounds like "DANG!" with a Texas accent

-riding in the car, Easton points out the names to anything he sees, only now he can say multi-syllable words together, intelligibly and is only happy if I repeat the entire thing back to him... also, he often wants to sing to me and tells me to just let him sing to me. Easton loves to sing!

-clearly he enjoys his cotton candy as he would stuff huge amounts into his mouth... we got quite interesting looks wheeling this silly boy around the mall the other day!

-it is really cute when you ask Easton a question that he answers with "I don't know," with arms outstretched and hands turned over and head tilted to the side

-can throw a monster tantrum! He will cry and scream and sit down on the floor if he doesn't get his way.... hopefully he outgrows that one soon!

-more to come, as I think of them....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Things

Well, now it's May with under a month of school left and I just pre-registered Easton for MDO in the fall. How can my baby be ready for MDO? But he begs to go to school each and every time we drop Blake off at preschool, so for now he's excited that he gets to go soon.

I had the stomach bug AGAIN on Sunday, and thankfully so far no one else has caught it and it was a little shorter than the last bout... but I was ready to die, just like last time. I had to miss taking Blake to a birthday tea party that day, but Tim took over for me!

Easton likes baths again. In fact, he might like them too much judging by the amount of water he splashes everywhere!! So whatever he hated about it before that made him scream and cry the whole time is over with.

We're still working on things for the house. We just last week had new carpet installed in our master bedroom. The "sidewalk" (as Blake called the floor) is gone! I love love love it! The kids and I play on our floor a lot now, and generally we're spending more time in here rather than just walking through it take a bath.

I discovered a website that I LOVE that includes plans to build anything you could ever want to build. I am having a great time creating knock-offs for our own home! Why would I want to pay Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware prices when I can make something real close for way less?! -just don't inspect them too closely! So far, I've built our entry table (still need to hang the mirror...) and I should add that Tim does help when I need him, but he knows how much I like it so he doesn't interfere.

master bed

and am working on Easton's big boy bed!

And most importantly!! Blake and Easton got a new cousin over the weekend. Baby Sophia is here (3 weeks early...) and she's beautiful!