Monday, October 31, 2011

Not so Scary Monster

His shirt says "Little Monster" and what a cute one! Ha ha


For my personal record:
I turn 28 tomorrow (yikes) and what is my most memorable gift? My purse, clothes, Luigi's dinner, or any other gift from my family?? (We celebrated early since Tim left town for work) nope.... I think the thing I will remember best is... having shingles. Hope it gets better soon!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Plans Change

Well Blake is still not 100% healthy, but at least fever free... it's been rough around here with both kiddos lately. They've both had runny noses and coughs for the past few days. Open house last week at MDO was bad since Blake didn't feel the best, we didn't go to the library Halloween party and no pumpkin has been carved... I'm just praying Blake feels better tomorrow.

At Open House:

After watching their "Circle Time" in the classroom, 3 MDO classes performed a few songs each in the gym.... with all the parents watching. I don't think she liked it very much! (we probably shouldn't have gone at all, but she was okay at the time)

Still Sick

Written on Thursday*
Poor Blake went back to the doctor today because she started running a fever again, and hasn't fully returned to herself. Hopefully the new, stronger med will do the trick...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When I picked up Blake from MDO on Monday, at first glance I thought maybe she had a forehead boo-boo. Then as I got closer to her room and looked around, I noticed all the kids had it! They were painted as clowns! Look how cute!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Small Change?!

After hearing some crazy things lately, won't go into detail.... We've decided to go organic. We're making a few changes and hopefully more as we go. So far all dairy in our house is organic now, natural meats and some fruits and veggies. I'm still learning, but I've been scared and grossed out into making some better choices. (Nothing personally happened to me, just some stories I've heard from friends)

Sick and Active

Thursday afternoon Blake started running a fever and came from her grandparents' house not feeling great and saying she was cold. A quick call to the doctor and we lucked into an appointment right away. I rushed Blake there and she was diagnosed with strep tonsillitis and the beginnings of an ear infection in her right ear. Luckily we caught everything as it was just starting, so it wasn't too bad. Just a rough night Thursday and Friday morning. It's no fun to see one of your babies sick. She is all better now after lots of rest this weekend!

Sunday morning she came in our room stating "Momma, I feel aaaallllllll better, way" (as in all the way better!)
Little man thankfully did not catch her sickness! Easton is as busy and active as ever. It also seems we're having a break in the teething because he is sleeping like normal, as in through the night! Yay! Thanks buddy!
He still loves to be standing and has even let go of the things he holds onto for just a second to stand alone a couple times. :( Not ready for that yet...
What a handsome boy!
We have a Halloween party at the library this week, Open House at MDO tomorrow night, and a pumpkin to carve. Pictures to come!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Weekend

Friday night we went to the pumpkin patch for pictures and to get some pumpkins. We're going to carve one this year and we needed one for Blake to paint. Some friends were having a fall party on Saturday and the kiddos were going to be decorating pumpkins. Off to the patch we went, and as you can tell from the pictures, neither kid was too enthused! Blake has had some allergies or something lately and Easton was tired, so smiles were hard to come by! This is one of the best of them together.
Grandma came with us! (Papa was out of town) and we all went to dinner afterwards. Saturday was a low-key day - as I mentioned Easton has been having horrible nights so this momma is exhausted! - and then we walked to Greg, Tori and Geneva's house for the party. There were lots of 2 year olds and some older kids, but this time Blake was not too scared to jump in the bounce house, even when everybody was in there!!
Blake was so ready to paint! She was very careful painting up and down over and over. It was so funny to see how some of the kids painted, all over their body, or dabbing it, fast, slow, or on their neighbor's pumpkin... 2 year olds are funny! Here's how Blake's pumpkin turned out.
We also made pumpkin popsicles! No not pumpkin flavored, but pumpkin shaped... Blake wanted to use Kool-Aid, so that's what we did. They were delicious and Blake was a great helper making them!
I'll post about our carved pumpkin experience after we do that, closer to Halloween...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

8 Months

My sweet boy is 8 months old. Easton Ray continues to be so sweet and loving and the biggest delight! (besides his sister) He is very inquisitive as he tries to figure out how everything works, and has become very vocal! As I mentioned earlier, Easton is a fast crawler and is so strong. He loves to stand, but I'm trying to delay that as much as I can by sitting him down or putting him on his tummy to play!! (not very effective)
My poor boy is having a horrible time teething, as is his poor Momma! Oh my gosh, the nights we have been having......... But that's ok, just more time to cuddle, right?!
Other happenings at 8 months:
-loves to squeal and babble, can say "dada", bounce on his knees, kick his legs repeatedly when excited, be outside, peek-a-boo, giving hugs and kisses, and eating!! He grabs for the spoon and likes to help put it in his mouth, tries to do his sippy cup himself, too, still loves to be held, but is doing pretty well at independent play as he explores! Easton is a busy bee!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011


When I was 8 or 9, I was a pumpkin for Halloween. My sweet mom made my costume and kept it all these years. I asked for it the other day because I'm having a hard time finding a pumpkin for Blake to "still pumpkin" (still be a pumpkin). Here she is being silly in my old costume (that goes down to her knees!!) She tucked her arms in and was just running and running around.
Easton is hard to bathe these days. I've been bathing both kids together, but Easton only wants to stand up, so naturally he pulls up on the side of the tub and then grabs for me.... over and over and over. I have to keep sitting him back down to try to wash him. So tonight, I thought I'd try the kitchen sink again. My mom helped me give him a kitchen sink bath in Florida, so I figured why not?
He hated it. Easton started screaming after I put him in, then thought it might be ok until he splashed himself in the face... then he hated it again.
Easton is a mess! He's also a fast little dude when he gets going. Occasionally he still likes to do his one armed army-crawl, but mostly he books it around crawling to whatever he decides to get into next. Here he is tonight after his bath.
Silly sister Blake! She is hard to get a picture of these days with all her funny faces.
But she loves her brother, (although she gets so mad if he gets into her stuff. We're working on that issue!) Blake wanted to play with Easton, so she said she needed to crawl.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Blake came home with her first craft from MDO, a telescope! It has a boat at the end on the inside to look at. The theme of the week was Columbus and transportation. She's so proud of it, telling me about it!

Friday Morning

Blake knows she goes to school on Fridays and Mondays and will talk about "Monday at school" all weekend, and "Friday at school" all week. She is so excited about school as we eat breakfast and get ready, and most of the time she's ready to go before it's time. We usually have some time to kill before school. Today we read some books!Well kind of...
Somebody is a little too busy! This little guy is crawling all over (really crawling) really fast. Easton pulls up on anything, tables, chairs, couches, people, bathtubs, magazine racks, ficus trees... ha! I really have to stay on my toes because he is all over the place.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update

We enjoyed a nice low key weekend at home. Saturday was errands in the morning and a day of college football (Tech won, so our house was happy). Nino and some friends came over, so Blake and Easton had Geneva, Jerimiah, and Jayson to play with. (PS-I've discovered that Blake's sharing issue has to do with boys... She has a hard time playing with Santi, and she acted the same with Jerimiah... but at the park tonight, she had no problem sharing her most prized possession, her doll, with a complete stranger of a little girl. I was so proud of the sharing!! She also comes home everyday from MDO saying she wouldn't play with the boys.)

On that same page, Blake is getting wonderful reports from her teachers at MDO. She is excited to get to go to school, always asking if it's time yet, and this morning she told me as we were walking in that she just needed a hug and kiss and that she would see me later. Back at home, she's been singing a song she learned about "a-a-apple, a-a-a" (something like that). I'm so glad she's doing better.

Easton and I enjoyed a relaxing day at home today, after getting our flu shots this morning. He was congested/runny nosed over the weekend with very rough nights. Like I mentioned, he is currently working on his 6th tooth, so teething has been pretty constant lately. I guess he just wants to get all his teeth in at the same time and get it over with.

And just for a funny, we've been talking about Halloween costumes, trying to figure out what to dress up as. Blake told us the other day she wanted to be a pumpkin. So now when we talk about it, it comes out as, "do you still want to be a pumpkin? how about...?(and we talk about different options) Anyway, tonight she told us she wanted to be a "still pumpkin." Isn't that funny?! I wanted to laugh at the cuteness, but didn't want to embarrass her, so I held it. Tim didn't know what a steel pumpkin was, but she took the "still" and added it to the pumpkin since that's how we've been phrasing it. Too cute!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Play Time

I am excited to announce that I am selling Discovery Toys! I re-discovered these fun toys at my parents' house, who still have them from when we were little, looked into it, and will now be selling for DT! My kit arrived yesterday and I love everything in it, from the infant toys to school-age toys...  look how fun!

You can find the website at . Go check it out, or contact me for more details about Discovery Toys!