Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

... Give me something good to eat! How about a cute little candy corn?

Blake enjoyed her first Halloween today! We also mixed in a few errands, and a little birthday stuff for me. We went to Oscar's for breakfast, and ran a few errands once Blake woke up from her morning nap, including a new battery for my car. Yay!! We did a little shopping, Blake got her first pair of Ugg(like) boots - they are definitely not brand name, but they are definitely so cute! So now her feet are set for the winter. We also went to Luigi's for my birthday dinner (which we had to have tonight because it isn't open on Sundays and my birthday is tomorrow). Texas Tech also beat Kansas today!! All in all- a great day!

After dinner, we went over to Greg and Tori's house for the boys to watch the UT game, since Greg is a Longhorn. The little girls enjoyed playing together while the mommy's enjoyed a little wine, talking and playing with the babies. Isn't Geneva a cute strawberry?? We had a total of FIVE kids trick or treat.... sad! But we did see lots more on our "trick or treat walk" around the neighborhood. We just took the girls out for a stroll to see all the neighborhood happenings. Blake was "dishausted!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Cute as a button!
Look who's starting to pull up. Blake can grab onto my clothing while I'm sitting next to her (or whoever is) and pull herself up. She can get herself up high enough to get onto her knees from the sitting position.

Blake also currently has 3 teeth! One top tooth made its first appearance today joining the bottom two already poking through. And yes, she loves her daddoo! She can pick it up herself and put it in her own mouth!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Look at these cutie pies! Blake and her friend Geneva had a good time playing together this weekend. It was the first time that they could both sit up by themselves while playing. Geneva started out with a big UT bow on a headband on her cute little head, but Blake snatched it off right away. Maybe because of the color??Blake:"What are you talking about? It wasn't me!" Geneva:"That wasn't very nice Blake!"
They continued playing... pretty much every toy Geneva picked up and was playing with, Blake would reach for and take from her. We're really going to have to work on that! Blake will have to learn the importance of sharing with her friends.

While the babies played, the adults had a full day of college football. Grammy, Grandpa, Tori and Greg (Geneva's parents), and Rene all came over to watch with Tim and me. (Blake and I snuck off for a little bit for an afternoon nap). Both babies were glad that their daddies' teams won so they were both in good moods!

Here's the best seat in the house for watching the games!


We recently tried whole grain mixed cereal because I thought it would be good for Blake to have whole grains as long as she's eating cereal. She loves single grain rice cereal and single grain oatmeal, so I thought we would transition into whole grain. Well Blake had other thoughts. While I was feeding her the cereal, or trying to, she hit the spoon and the cereal splattered onto the highchair tray. So Blake being as curious as can be, immediately went for it.
So I made the best of the situation and dumped the rest of the cereal out too. Blake had alot of fun smearing the cereal all around, on the tray, her face... a little might have even made it to her tummy.

When Blake doesn't like a food, she either refuses to open her mouth for the spoon, and turns her head away, or she makes a yucky face and pushes the food out with her tongue making gagging noises. Very dramatic! So at least the cereal made a fun toy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swine Flu

We think Blake might be getting swine flu. She's showing some symptoms.... What do you think?

Ha ha! Isn't Pappaw funny?? He came up with this idea when I was over picking her up yesterday. It made me laugh!

Monday, October 12, 2009

7 Months

Blake Michelle is 7 months old today. Sorry that it's been awhile since you've heard from us. I was sick last week and didn't make it around to blogging. We had a quick, but fun weekend with my sister Katie and nephew Santiago who were in town for her 10 year high school reunion. And yay!! Texas Tech finally found a quarterback (in my book, it's Taylor who??), so hopefully we can keep winning now....
But back to Miss Blake!
I have been really excited about Blake's first Halloween. I'm not especially big into the holiday itself, but I'm excited to start traditions as our family of three! So today we set off to the pumpkin patch at St. Luke's for some picture taking. (In future years, I know she will have fun running around, playing and picking out pumpkins like the other kids there). It was a drizzly, dreary day, but it was dry enough for our short adventure. Blake didn't know what to think of all the pumpkins!
She is really into feeling different textures, especially if she can scratch it. Today she really wanted to touch the hay!
Blake attracted some fans as her photo shoot was taking place. One sweet little girl kept asking us questions about her, and liked touching her bow! Isn't she cute all decked out in Halloween attire?

Blake continues to be a very happy baby! She is full of smiles and laughter, unless she really needs you to know something otherwise. She is snorting alot these days, and scrunches her nose up when she smiles. Blake is pretty generous with her hugs and kisses once you've earned them. She also loves to touch faces and pull on hair. Crawling is still being practiced... she can get up to her knees, rock back and forth a little, and then fall. It will be very soon I'm sure. She is also good at grasping things and bringing them to her mouth, especially her daddoo! And she's a really good eater (which she comes by naturally from both her mom and dad! sorry Blake!), and she has two bottom teeth in so far.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


We all know that afternoons and evenings are my favorite time of day these days.... of course that's because I get to pick up Blake and spend time with her first by myself, then with Tim! Well today Blake showed me just how hard she's been working at trying to crawl!! She can completely pull her knees up underneath her when she lifts up. She tried a couple times to move one forward more than the other and ended up falling over to the side. It was so wonderful to watch! (not her falling, but just how much she's growing and developing!)

Looks like she inherited Daddy's double-jointed elbows!!
We also went to visit GG this evening. Blake got lots of kisses at her house, both from GG Pebble and her two dogs! We'll be sure to wish her and Great Grandma Hazel happy birthday on Saturday!

So here's a little video of Miss Blake doing her thing! At 6 1/2 months old, she's definitely proving to us just how busy she's going to be very soon! Maybe chasing her around will be my new cardio workout! By the way, she has two bottom teeth right now, which are trying to help cut the top two (something new I learned about teeth). She can also say "da da" which is usually "da da da da da..." so we're working on "ma ma!"