Saturday, June 29, 2013


Last night we went to a benefit concert downtown in Centennial Plaza.  It was a lawn chair and blanket kind of event (for the non-VIP like us!) It was hot, but we bought water and Italian Ice to cool off! And an Elton John tribute band called "Benny and the Jets" performed and we got to hang out with lots of friends and Grandma and Poppa. It was fun!

Blake started noticing kids with their faces painted so she asked to go... and after standing in line FOREVER!!! - it was finally our turn. Blake picked out a pink unicorn (which she is very into these days) and loved it! She was so proud of it, and Easton couldn't decide between SpiderMan and a pirate. He ultimately went with pirate and I couldn't stop giggling at him, it was so cute! He kept screaming "aaaarrrrr" at everyone and Blake just wanted to show everyone her face.
The kids were up past their bedtime, so Blake's unicorn was running down her face with tears from being tired and Easton kept rubbing his eyes on the way home. I wish I had taken an after picture... smeared, blotchy, colorful children!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monster University

Yesterday morning, I took Blake and Easton to see their first movie in a theater! I thought it would be something fun to do and I was hoping they (or Easton really) would do ok. They'd seen Monsters, Inc. so I figured Monster University would be a good choice since it's a prequel. I bought them popcorn and Icee's, so what's not to like?!

Easton had a hard time because he hardly weighed enough to keep his seat down! But if he stayed still, the seat was ok, and Blake was able to keep hers down with her long legs. They were interested in the movie the whole time, we didn't have to take any bathroom breaks, and they were very appreciative for taking them after we left and are asking to go again. I consider it a success!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Settling into Summer

I've thought about blogging so many times lately, but haven't felt the urge to write. Summer has created a new sort of schedule for us and we're just l-i-v-i-n (as McConaughey says.) Most days we watch cartoons during breakfast, then go on a walk or to the park. We might do little art projects or some learning games or puzzles if we don't have any errands to run. After lunch and nap time, which is usually 1.5 to 2 hours for Blake and 3 for Easton, we have either a homemade snow cone or a popsicle and then go swimming. I love having a pool! Then we get in dry clothes and its usually time for me to start getting dinner ready while the kids entertain themselves waiting for daddy to get home.

Tim just bought both kiddos their own golf clubs and we just got back from the driving range tonight. Easton will swing and swing until he makes contact. His hold and swing is unusual, but who cares?! He hits it and is proud of himself! Technique can come later. Blake gets sad when she doesn't hit it, but she's so dainty that it's hard for her to swing hard enough. But she's determined too! I'm excited to have something we all can do together.

Blake got her own library card today. We've been going to the new branch and I thought she would like the responsibility of having her own card to check books out with.

Easton is doing great in his bed. He has only gotten out once one morning and he went to Blake's room after they both woke up and were reading together! He will sit in his bed and call out for me. Going to bed he always asks me "momma lay down with me minute?" How can I refuse that sweetness?! Potty training on the other hand is hard. He was doing so well that I thought we had it, and most days he does great! But sometimes there are so many "accidents."

Hopefully I'll add some pictures soon!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Big Girl Room

I realized in posting about Easton's room, that I hadn't posted Blake's big girl room. It is similar to her room at our old house, I just had to add and re-do a few things for this bigger room! She is so proud of her princess canopy.

This is the wall to the right of her bed. Frames came from the nursery, just added new fabric inside!

This is the wall to the left of her bed, with the door that goes into her bathroom. Which between that and the built-in desk is why she got this room...

 Speaking of her desk area... plus her art display wall

And this is across from her bed... This dresser was mine first in high school or maybe junior high. It came just as natural wood. Then it was painted white for me, then into a changing table for Blake, then changed a little color-wise for Easton's changing table, and now back for Blake with purple floral fabric on top, wall papered drawer fronts, and new purple flower knobs! Talk about getting your money's worth!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Sunday morning was beautiful. It was cloudy so temp-wise it was nice, and of course it was still windy! Grandma, the kids, and I went to mass while Tim and Poppa went golfing with one of Poppa's friends and his son-in-law. I should add that Easton told me he had to go potty 3 times during mass, but never went. But you just can't chance it! Afterwards, we met at Outback Steakhouse to eat. We had a short wait so the kids entertained themselves by stepping on rocks in the flowerbeds! 

OMG, my kids look so big!

Easton fell asleep on the way home, but woke up when we parked. He did go potty and survived the morning accident-free! Wahoo!

When we were in the front yard, Grandma noticed 2 baby birds. They had fallen out of their nest and the momma had flown off when we pulled our cars up. It was a pitiful nest, very thin... but Poppa decided to help put the babies back so nothing would eat them!

2 spoons, a ladder, and a helpful Poppa later - the birdies were safely back in the tree! Good job Poppa!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Big Boy Stuff

Well Easton has been sleeping in his big boy bed for 2 days now and it is going well. It started out a little rocky with him waking up during the night, but he has slept solid, no problems for his naps! 
He was so excited when I was setting it all up, and Blake has done a great job of being excited for him, too. She's really helping him feel special!
I still need a few things, but I'm happy with the progress of his room. His room has been a mixture of "nursery" (crib, bedding, etc.) and "big boy" ever since we moved back in August. I'm sure he didn't care, but I feel better putting it all together. The shelf over his bed was a hand-me-down from my parents that I painted navy and white, I added the navy stripes to the curtain that I brought over from Blake's room, the dresser was my Grandpa Bob's, and then the bed! So pleased with how it turned out, and Tim's favorite part??? The Texas Tech pillow!
Just a glimpse at the headboard... and the sheets are red, despite what they might look like!
Easton loves the alphabet collage on the wall above the shelves. He loves to point things out and tells me all about what he can spot! I'm looking forward to what memorabilia Easton will add to his room one day. The shelf above his bed has plenty of room for trophies, pictures, legos... whatever he might pick up as a hobby. For now, it's loosely sports-themed!
In other "big boy" happenings, Easton put on undies and started potty training yesterday! He did great, with only a couple accidents and even went #2 (sorry, TMI). Today has been about the same, with one accident happening because he was washing his hands and the sound of the water made him go! Oops... (and no, I'm not training him with running water... apparently that's a cruel trick when you get older!) Wish me luck!