Friday, April 17, 2015


the hat... the eyelashes... the sweetness... I love it all!

 Here's one little turkey about to perform in his Thanksgiving program.

And here's my other little turkey after school one day.

Cute little turkeys!

One weekend my dad's cousins came up to watch their son perform at the Blue Light here in town. They came over for breakfast the next day and Blake was so interested in watching Cheryl sing and play the guitar (a Keith Urban one my mom just happened to have in the car). She went and got her princess guitar out and had an impromptu lesson.

Easton wasn't as interested, but finally decided he should try, too.

Blake had her end-of-season soccer party at a cute little ice cream shop. She's always so proud of her trophies!

We went to Frisco for Thanksgiving this year and the first thing we did when we got to town was take the kids to Build-A-Bear. Blake picked a bunny and Easton picked Leonardo the Ninja Turtle.

It was the kids' first time doing something like this, and they were so sweet helping to fill them up with stuffing,
warming up the hearts,
 getting the hearts beating,

and giving them a bath! Blake had a little too much fun picking out accessories for her bunny! Easton was happy with Leo's weapons and off we went.
We had a nice time visiting Grammy and Grandpa and the other friends and family we saw! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Current Events

Blake has been sick for most of her Kindergarten year. She has had strep numerous times, (along with other things) and after her tonsils not clearing up after 3 months of strep and many antibiotics, it was finally time for her tonsils and adenoids to come out.
We went to the ENT on a Thursday, and we were scheduled for surgery the Friday of the following week. (April 10, 2015) No time to waste! I didn't want her to be sick for any longer - missing a little Kindergarten would be okay! The doctors and nurses were so kind and she was as brave as could be. Blake knew it would be a good thing to get them out. 
The moment they wheeled her into surgery was hard for me - luckily the surgery was quick and 30 minutes later Dr. P told us that it went as planned. He said her tonsils were so nasty and full of tonsilliths, and that it was good they were out! Recovery is still ongoing... 

Easton met with a diagnostician and speech pathologist from the district today. At his 4 year old well check, our doctor said his speech development was delayed for his age and referred us to a speech therapist. I opted to use the school district instead of going private due to cost and ease.
It was really interesting seeing him evaluated. Blake and I watched (she's home from school for a week after surgery) and I was amazed and so proud of my little guy. They stopped his full evaluation, covering all areas of development, only because of time restraints... he was on a 2nd grade level! Easton is such a smart little boy. He did qualify for speech services and will start in May. We've been talking about how he gets another teacher to help him with his letters, sounds, and talking. He is so excited to get another teacher and be a Crestview Tiger like his sister! 

Life Lately

Sometimes when you slack off from something for so long, you feel like you can't get started again. Or it wouldn't be worth it because you're so far behind... Clearly, I'm very behind in keeping track of our lives - and that's how I've been feeling about blogging. But this week, when I kept referring back to things I had documented from when the kids were little(r), it made me realize that I do need to keep this up. 

I'm going to attempt to catch up...