Friday, November 29, 2013


What!?! That's not how you're supposed to eat a cupcake? Lol


We have spent our thanksgiving holiday here at home with my family. Blake and Easton were so excited waiting for their cousins to get here. Blake kept asking if we could see them everyday they are here! We soaked up all the playtime we could get. 
The kids rode horses, the four-wheeler and the mule... They jumped on the neighbor's trampoline and played with pretty much every toy at grandma and poppa's! 

I only took pictures of the kids, but we had a nice time with everyone...

They waited so patiently while Poppa warmed up the horses... 
And Blake wanted a picture of Kennedy's first horse ride!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The things they say...

Tim is out of town for work, so we had a slumber party last night. The kids always sleep in my bed when daddy's gone! They requested to have their pictures taken... They look so big!

Now for the cute things they say:
The other day Blake was sitting beside me as I read on my Kindle. She kept looking at me and finally asked, "momma, how can you read that without talking?" I had to explain how you can read in your head to yourself! (Age 4.5)

We were getting out of the car and Easton stopped to get both his and Blake's jackets. I told him thank you for helping and he said "that's just what gentlemen do, momma!" (Age 2.5)