Monday, July 23, 2012

Second Coming?!

Today, Blake and Easton were sitting on my lap after waking up from their naps. I was watching my recorded Live with Kelly episode while they napped, and it was still on... Blake looked at me and asked, "momma, when is Jesus coming back?" I was taken aback by the question, and wanted to make sure I knew what she wanted to know. I asked her what she meant, and she replied, "the boy who used to sit with Kelly... When will he be back?" ha ha, thank goodnes! I told her she meant Regis and that he wasn't on the show anymore. I just hugged her and smiled to myself at her incredible cuteness! I totally got off easy on that one!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Talking Progress

Easton doesn't speak much... Other than mama, dada, and buh for Blake. Mostly grunting, pointing, and just lately- lots of babbling. This past weekend, he started saying his animal sounds. (he would only do the cow's "moo" previously) now he really enjoys quack! And can also say baa, meow, ruff ruff, neigh, bock bock, and raises his arm when he's asked what an elephant says! Here he is doing the elephant...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dallas Aquarium

 At the beginning of July, we went to the Dallas Aquarium with Tim's parents. All Blake talked about for days was getting to see an alligator (we had checked out the website beforehand). She was fixated on the crocodiles there, and then got to see a small alligator, too.
 This is my favorite picture of the day... Both kids pressed up to the glass, checking out the penguins!
 Easton pointed at all the animals, and could even spot some of them before we could! He watched the birds and monkeys zooming about at the top of the building from down below. The tunnel was really cool, too- sharks, stingrays, and who knows what else would swim by or over you.

 Then came the gift shop. Tim let the kids each pick an animal as a memento, and we figured Blake would want the alligator... Nope, she picked a pink sea turtle (who she named Tortoise) and Easton latched on to the alligator.

Summer Vacation

Since the Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday this year, we took the whole week as our vacation. We left on Friday, spending the first part of the week in Frisco with Tim's parents, and then July 4th through the weekend at the lake.

  In Frisco, we swam in the neighborhood pool, played at the park and splash park, did a little shopping, went to the aquarium and spent some time with Tim's friends and family.

It was nice to not have to rush around like we normally do there. Blake loves swimming and did great, as it was her first time to swim this year. I found a great life-jacket for both kids, and it helped her be independent in the water. Easton on the other hand only tolerated being in the water for just a little bit!

At the lake, it was so nice to get to relax with everyone. We timed it out to all be there at the same time (with my brother, sister & fam), so all the kids could play together. I didn't get to swim quite as much since I sat out with Easton when he didn't want in. He did however love boat rides! *I'll have to add lake pictures later!