Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Week Home

This past week was our first week home as a new family. We had several doctor appointments and other errands, but it was mostly low-key. Thank goodness for my mom who came over every day to help me! I don't quite have the energy that Blake requires, but I'm getting there, plus I can't pick her up from surgery yet!
Here's how I handled cooking breakfast this week. Easton would be sleeping, so Blake and I could eat. He usually woke up and was ready to nurse as I finished eating, and then I would put Blake down and let her finish eating on the couch or somewhere else low that she couldn't climb out of!
Easton got his first bird-bath (since his umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet) and screamed so loud when I washed his hair! He does have a set of lungs on him when he wants to be heard. For comparison, here is Blake after her first little bird-bath!
Easton does lots of little things that remind me of Blake, little facial expressions and stuff, but they have their own little things that make them unique (of course!). It's really neat to have a little bitty one around the house again, because so much has changed in just 2 short years with Blake. Her birthday is just a couple weeks away!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Easton likes to lay with his hands right by his ears. His earlobes have a little kink in them, that the pedi says is due to Easton holding his arms by his ears in the womb. Dr. B mentioned possibly taping his earlobes down to train them. They have already fallen down some, so we'll see if we still need to straighten them out!
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Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's Day was quiet around here this year with Easton's delivery being the next day and me just getting better from the flu. Blake got a new doll (like she needed another one! ha ha) - we named her Jenny and she is a bath time doll. Tim and I just exchanged cards this year and we all went to dinner once Tim's parents got to town.
And here is what I looked like on Valentine's day - the night before delivery! I have a better bump picture from the morning of delivery, but I just wanted to include this for fun. I was crazy enough to work on V-day as my last day of school, crazy class party and all. I was tired!

Friday, February 18, 2011


We had wood floors installed in our front room back in October, and have been so happy with the way it looks and how durable it is. It is an engineered hardwood, birch I think. We ended up getting it for almost nothing, because the flooring guy owed my dad a big favor. We loved it so much, that we decided to go ahead and put the same wood down in our living room (because the two rooms are connected by a small doorway). It was a little risky because we bought the wood from Lumber Liquidators and there's no telling what they have in stock. But as luck would have it, they had the same flooring still in stock, so we hired the same guy to come back and install it in our living room! It was installed while I was in the hospital with Easton, but it was so nice to come home to! Tim did a great job handling the job and even picked out the new rug and leather ottoman, too! I love it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trevino Bambino #2

This is posted late, but dated correctly for my records!
We arrived at the hospital around 5:15 AM to get all set up for delivery. We were the first surgery of the day and went back right on schedule at 7:30. I was worried about coughing during delivery and messing the doctors up, but they said not to worry about it, that it wouldn't be a problem. Boy, were they right. The spinal block I received immediately "paralyzed" me and when I tried to cough during surgery (because I was still a little congested from the flu the week before) I couldn't. During delivery, Easton did not want to leave my tummy and really had to be pulled out. The doctors kept saying he has a big head and that he was stuck down in my pelvic bones. I felt alot of pressure on my ribs as the PA really had to press everything he had down on my chest to try to help Dr. L pull him out below. Everything went great, and Easton Ray Trevino was born at 8:00 AM at 7 pounds 14 ounces and 19.5 inches long. I was concerned for a little bit as I didn't hear him cry right away. Everybody said not to worry, and after a little assistance, I heard his sweet cry! Later I was told he had to have help from the breathing bag you hand-squeeze (the ones you see on dr. shows).
Here is our first picture as a family of four! Blake was so excited to meet her baby brother Easty!
In recovery, my oxygen levels weren't reaching what the nurses wanted them to and I had to keep trying to take deep breaths to improve my % every time the machine beeped that it had gone below 90%. I was put on oxygen to help me breathe better, and had chest x-rays taken on Wednesday morning that showed some cloudiness in my lower lungs that might be pneumonia coming on. Antibiotics were started once a day for me, and for 10 days after going home, which really helped my congestion and finish off my cough. Thank goodness I didn't get pneumonia!
Of course, I'm partial, but I think my son is so handsome! He looks like his daddy, and I can't imagine life before him now that he's here. Blake loves sitting with him and always wants to hold him. She really wants him to wake up when he's sleeping, and just talks all about him.
I was released on Friday, but Easton was kept another day under the bili-lights to treat his jaundice. He had started treatment on Friday and the hospital had room for us to board, like we did with Blake, while he stayed in the nursery. We were so ready to get home and be all together and in our own home!
Here's our little Red Raiders! Easton's outfit swallowed him up, but he wore the same hat and booties that Blake came home in. Isn't his little Texas Tech tie onesie so cute?!?!
My two little loves! Here we are finally getting home Saturday evening!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well how are the last few days of my pregnancy? Miserable! But not due to Easton. I came down with the flu on Tuesday, and left school at lunch just to run to the doctor for a cough and sore throat. Anyway, I was sent home with a 101 degree fever, chills, and everything else. I then proceeded to throw up all night and have barely moved since then.
I go back to the doctor for my final check-up at 9:30 tomorrow. I hope to feel semi-alive by then. Tim has been wonderful, just getting better himself, taking care of me, Blake, and the house... with a little helper.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

38 weeks

Well here we are at 38 weeks and becoming increasingly uncomfortable! My appointment went well this week, blood pressure 120/80, heart rate in the 150s.... I go back on Friday, for my last check-up and labs before delivery on the following Tuesday. There's really nothing left to do but wait for whenever he arrives. I'm excited, and Tim and I are both so ready to meet our little guy!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mess-maker and baby update

One activity Blake always finds entertaining is pulling all the magazines out of the rack. You can tell she likes them just in a certain way as she carefully contemplates where to toss each one. Then she'll decide they need to be put somewhere else and toss them to a new spot.

In other news, Easton has outlasted Blake's time growing in my tummy as today would have been the equivalent of her being born! My doctor's appointment has been changed to tomorrow afternoon so another update will come then.

PS- excuse Blake's outfit as she is in sweatpants that do not match her sweater... but it is 14 degrees outside and we came home and immediately changed into comfy pants! Tomorrow has already been decided as another delayed start day like today because it won't be much warmer.
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