Tuesday, August 27, 2013


For the majority of the summer, we went swimming everyday! Sometimes twice a day... we love having a pool. Ever since Blake broke her arm, we have been abstaining from swimming as a matter of solidarity. (I did not want to hurt her feelings unnecessarily, and Easton had no problem waiting for Blake to get better, so that's what we did!) Now that her splint is off, we are back in the pool!

Today they were all ready to get in the pool and they needed to wait for me to change. I found them laying together like this on our bedroom floor. Then Blake insisted on a "silly face picture" so that is what the 2nd picture is! You can tell from tan lines that while they are both darker than me (yay!), Easton takes more after his daddy than Blake.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of Preschool

Blake started school today in the 4 year old Pre-K class. She has been really looking forward to today, for school starting plus getting her splint off. (it had to be done during school because of the upper extremity doctor's schedule)
I'm so thankful that she loves going to school! We have been talking about and praying for her new school year, and she's once again blessed with a great teacher.

(and Blake if you're reading this one day, you have to wear socks to school and you picked out the color! so that's why you have blue socks on with your pink Toms)
She was only there for almost 2 hours before we had to go to the doctor (which took forever!) and she was very nervous about them removing the splint. She was worried it would hurt again. So there were tears, but she was very brave. She is 60% healed and we are to follow her lead in beginning to regain her range of motion. There will be another checkup next week to check her progress again.

And just for fun, here is the first day of school for Pre-K 3!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We were just being silly taking pictures of ourselves tonight...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

End of Summer?!

Our summer as we know it is winding to an end, as Blake starts 4 year old Pre-K next week. Easton won't start until after Labor Day and ballet starts then, too. I am in desperate need to start practicing waking up early!
Blake had her weekly checkup for her arm today, which is healing nicely! She gets the splint off next week, and will just wear the sling - and we follow her lead for how much she'll use and move it, and when she's ready the sling comes off! Just in time for the beach, Destin here we come!
As for Easton, he's doing a little better with sleeping. I've continued to sit in his room while he falls asleep, farther and farther away each night, and I'm almost out the door now. He doesn't scream and cry multiple times a night now, but we've been finding him in unusual places each morning. Like, sidewise across my stomach, across the end of our bed, on the floor, and now in Blake's bed! She said he doesn't bother her and just goes to sleep (he would talk and giggle when they tried to shared naps before...) so now this happens:
Which is nap time today. It might be a whole other can of worms I'm opening, but if they're happy and sleeping, then this momma is happy. Maybe I should have just let them share a room from the beginning! (They've started calling each other their best friend, makes me so happy!)
And in other news, we are currently playing realtors as we try to sell our old house ourselves.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Up all night

This is my view from sitting on the floor next to Easton's bed. For the past couple of weeks, sleep (at night and naps) has been a struggle! He cries and gets himself all worked up and will tell me "I need you momma." I don't have it in me to let him cry it out, and I don't want to start the habit of him sleeping in our bed (which I confess to doing some nights after hours of back and forth soothing him). So here I sit, trying this technique ala Supernanny. Fingers crossed! This momma needs sleep.
Hopefully he will be back to his great sleeping habits soon! After Blake's broken arm, this, and the kids and I having a tummy bug over the weekend, I could use some calm normalcy.