Monday, January 25, 2016

Life lately

Blake typically wakes up around 6:30 each morning. Tim takes her to school and Easton wakes up on his own later, usually around 8:00. He loves getting to relax and especially cuddle with Charlie (and other friends) on the couch. 
We went out for our work anniversary dinner recently. Blake wanted her picture taken and Easton allowed me to take his, too. They are almost 5 and 7!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Snowpocalypse... Snowmageddon... Whichever name you want to call it, we experienced our first blizzard here in Lubbock. We officially got 11.2" of snow in one day with 40mph+ winds thanks to Winter Storm Goliath. It was crazy. Thankfully, we had plenty of food, firewood, and never lost our electricity like some did. It cut our Christmas with Tim's parents short, but it was best they got back home without getting snowed in here. 
I was glad we got snow besides the tornados other parts of Texas had... We made snow ice cream, built a snowman, threw snow balls, and did everything we could think of to play in it. The roads were bad and we stayed in for about 3 days before we ventured out. 
Welcome winter!