Thursday, May 31, 2012

Further Update

After an appt with the ENT (that we got into the very next day by my dad calling his neighbor who just happens to be that ENT! Thanks dad!) all is well with Blake... Apparently. The doctor said her tonsils were inflamed but didn't think their size would go down any. She started an antibiotic, and as long as she doesn't have sleep apnea from her large tonsils, or 5 or more cases of tonsillitis a year... He says do nothing else. I was prepared for him to say tonsillectomy, but thankfully it's not needed!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just checking in to say that not much has been going on lately... Blake has been sick for 2 weeks. Swollen lymph nodes, extremely swollen tonsils, low grade fever for 1 week, then off and on for the next week. Strep and mono came back negative so our next step will be an ENT doctor tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15 Months

Easton Ray is a busy and silly toddler! When you give him chocolate milk or juice (other than his normal milk or water) he will chug it and drink it nonstop. He doesn't even stop to eat! He is loud when he wants something he can't get or wants his way about something. He will say "aaaaaahhhhh" really loud and make a face! Easton thinks he's so big and can do things he sees bigger kids doing. He tries it all!

Things to remember:
Easton calls Blake "buh" and loves to hug and kiss her!
He sleeps from 7:30 or 8:00 til 7 or 7:30 in the morning and has been for months!
Easton comes in our room every morning and starts bringing my pillows over to make my bed. He is so proud of each one he puts on the bed!
He loves books about animals the best. He always chooses the books about animal sounds, or ones with big pictures of animals (no characters). He will refuse a book if you can't point out an animal.
Easton's favorite toy and favorite thing to do all day is hit a ball with one of his many golf clubs.
He is so loving! He hugs necks so tight and gives big kisses.
Easton is so entertained by stacking things, or putting small objects in bigger cups or containers and taking them out again.
He loves his blanky and will carry it around the house and he brings it to me when he's sleepy. He also likes to twirl his hair above his ear, he does this in the car or when he's sitting back just relaxing.

Check - ups

Blake and Easton both went for well checks today. (Dr. B doesn't like to schedule well checks during asthma and flu time, so this was for Blake's 3 year check and Easton's 12 month check.)

Blake has been worrying for days about getting a shot. I didn't think she was this time, and luckily she was up to date on everything so no shot. She is 40" tall (91st percentile) and weighs 32 pounds (47th percentile). Blake grew 3.5 inches this past year, and I predicted about that much growth based on how short her old pants are! During her checkup, she registered at 99.3 degrees and got quite a reaction when her throat was checked! The doctor couldn't believe she hadn't been complaining of anything hurting. When I looked in her mouth, her tonsils were huge and so red! She tested negative for strep so it just seems to be viral tonsillitis. But she has been acting totally normal, I was caught so off guard!

Easton did get one shot today (penta-something for 5 things... ) He weighs 23 pounds (29th percentile) and is 31.5 inches tall (64th percentile). Dr. B described both kiddos as tall and lean, and says both are well nourished and healthy, just thin! Funny that at 15 months, Blake was only 6 ounces heavier and half an inch taller, but as a girl she's always been in the 90s for height. Easton seems so small compared to my tall girl. Everything checked out great for him, just a little cranky post-shot.

Both kids were all over the place in the exam room: hiding under the table, trying to climb the ladder, in my lap, on the floor... Over and over!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Golf Night

The other day, we went out to the driving range for Tim to practice with a new club. I knew of course a certain little boy would want to, too. As we were getting ready Blake asked if she could golf, so they all brought a club. It was hot so they just played while Tim hit a small bucket.

Easton gets a ball, places it down gently and then does a karate-chop style swing right on it, follows where it goes and hits it over and over. He also loved taking Tim's ball off the tee, right after Tim put it on, Easton would take it off. It was funny! Blake wanted to put her own tee and ball down and then she would swing with her daddy's help. Then she wanted to chase the balls out into the range... Ha ha. That didn't happen!

Friday, May 4, 2012


I picked up a cute kitten at MDO today!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


These are the sweet people I get to enjoy everyday!