Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Patch '14

For our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, this year we did not have to go far. A farm set up a pumpkin patch right across the street from our neighborhood. Blake and Easton had been asking over and over to go, and we finally went!
This is one of my new favorite pictures of my two loves.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October things

In no particular order...
Here we are cozying up at a chilly tailgate
 This was considered "climbing a tree" to Blake!

Easton got to spray the fireman's hose when they came to visit preschool! He loved it and was so excited to tell me about it.

We carved a creepy pumpkin for the pumpkin trail! (the first of several to be carved this year...)
cheering on the Red Raiders at their 2nd college football game!
 and just otherwise being silly... pants on the head and play mustaches

Friday, October 10, 2014

Easton lately

And now I'll try to catch up on Easton...
School- Easton loves going to preschool. He always mentions that he'll miss me before drop-off, but most days he walks in without even more than a "bye mama." He walks right in to start playing with his friends as I sign him in, or goes up to his teachers to greet them, asking how they are doing. So far, no tears at all this year!
Soccer- Easton plays on a team with several friends from church and preschool. They are the "Gladiators," and he takes playing soccer very seriously. I've seen a lot of other 3 year olds on his team and others, that will cry or walk off the field to go sit down when they want, but Easton always answers yes when the coaches ask who's ready to go in again and gets to play a lot because he's always willing. He is fast, and has a great sense of where the ball is, always watching it and running to it, but he says he can't kick it with all the other boys around. He's only kicked it a few times in games. 
Like I said, very serious at a game!

Easton cracks me up daily. He told me he had to go "get some work done downstairs" so I snuck down to find him hard at work at his workbench. When he saw me, he said "what mama? I'm just doing some work here."
Easton loves music and bobs his head along with any song he likes. He often tells me "mama, turn it louder" in the car to any song he likes. And he loves to sing along! 
He is quite an independent little guy who likes to do things himself. Easton enjoys getting special time with me with Blake at school, but is always very ready to pick her up. 
He picks "sunflowers" (dandelions) for me every time he sees one. 
He can be a little shy, but will mostly talk to or go play with anyone, even kids much older. 

*more to come as I think of it

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blake lately

I'm going to try to catch up a little starting with Blake. 
School- she has adjusted very well to kindergarten. She loves her teacher and has many friends. It's no surprise that she behaves very well and I've heard from her teacher and PE teacher about her great attitude and behavior. 
At school one day having lunch with our favorite kindergartener!

Blake did cry a few more times in the first week of school... On Wednesday morning of that week she told me tearfully that she didn't think the weekend would ever come. She still prefers her "mama days" (what she's always called non-school days), but happily goes to school, too!
She earned her "shoe-tying badge" at school today. Blake has been determined to learn to tie shoes. I only had to show her a few times after she watched her teachers at school, and then she practiced and practiced on her own, until she got it! Completely self-motivated!

Soccer- the outdoor season has begun again for the fall, after being rained out 3 weekends in a row. Blake is becoming more and more confident all the time. She usually plays in the back (defender?!)
Other things- Blake loves to write words of lots and lots of letters and then ask you to read them. She thinks it's hysterical to hear the non-sense we try to sound out! 
Here is a picture of our family signed by the artist herself! She loves to draw pictures for me and her daddy, or write lists of things we need to do, or make little books. 

*I'll add more as I think of it...