Thursday, February 28, 2013


Easton cracks us up all the time! The other day at lunch at Rosa's, he told me "snake, snake" while pointing under the table. I asked him if there was a snake under the table. He said "yeah. Snake! Bite me!" And we laughed and had to pretend to save him from the biting snake under the table!

He was walking around with Brown Bear last night and sat down next to Hua's dog food. He put Brown Bear's face up to the bowl and made munching noises. So cute!

And funniest of all, while with my mom this morning in my dad's office, Easton picked up a fly swatter. He was playing with it and then he stuck in the paper shredder. My mom and I both started laughing, but she was able to unplug it before it shredded the metal handle! It made me laugh so hard! Boys are such a mess!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just a Little More...

On Saturday, after nap time, the kids, Grammy and I went outside to play and fly Blake's new kite from the Trevino's. Of course, West Texas had enough wind to send it flying and Blake was big enough to handle the almost 5 foot kite all by herself. It only got stuck in a tree one time out of the afternoon, but Grammy and I were able to get it out with Tim's truck bed, a broom, rake and each other!! ha ha.

Monday, February 18, 2013

2 Year Check Up

This morning we went to Easton's well check. I was glad to go, not only to see how he's growing, but to make sure his runny nose, grumpiness and the rest was just teething and nothing else. He is perfectly healthy, and is indeed just teething! Easton was hesitant to be weighed and measured, but Blake was sweet and showed him how to do it. So then his turn came... He is 35.5 inches tall (85th percentile! He's jumped a little percentage wise!!) and weighs 28 pounds (50th percentile). It's been interesting to see the difference in boys vs. girls height and weight, because at this age, Blake weighed two pounds less and was one inch taller. Easton only needed one shot today and didn't cry! He made a horrible, grumpy face, but decided it was ok about a second later and was fine. Thank goodness.

Easton naps once a day for around 2.5 or 3 hours (no daddoo), still sleeps around 11.5 hours a night, wears mostly 2T clothes, size 8 shoe, and size 5 diapers. He is not very interested in the potty, so who knows when that will happen... which is fine. He loves to help, loves to do whatever Blake does, and is talking more and more all the time. It's amazing how his language just blew up so quickly! My favorite word of his is probably "nudder" which he still says to mean another or again.

Easton is Two!

Easton turned two on Friday, and had a great weekend (despite his very cranky/grumpy attitude due to teething!) Friday morning, Grandma and Poppa took him to Woods Boots, and he got new boots and a cowboy hat! He had been talking about it, but was very grumpy at the store, but loved them once he was home.
Saturday was his Sesame Street party, with Grandma, Grammy, Grandpa, Nino, Meagan and us! We had Papa Murphy's pizza, salad, with cupcakes for dessert! Simple and low key, which turned out great because of how cranky Easton started out his party day. Thankfully, he really cheered up when Meagan arrived (he loves a pretty girl!)

Easton received lots of outdoor toys (just what we asked for), bubbles, bubble mower, play tractor, and other goodies - and a tricycle with a parent-steering handle, new helmet, and tee ball set from us. 

So far, even days later, the tractor is the biggest hit - he talks about it, fills up the storage seat, scoots it around, and everything else. Thanks Grammy and Grandpa!

He sat with a grumpy face through his "Happy Birthday" song, and didn't want to blow out his candle. We practiced a lot, and I just knew he would love that part, but he let Blake do it instead. Easton didn't mind helping himself to several cupcakes though!

Blake loved his birthday party, and is anxiously awaiting her own! She dressed as Cinderella so she would be "dressy". I told her she is old enough to pick what food she wants at her party, and she told me she wanted steak. Hmmmm.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Size

Blake came home with a life size drawing of herself from school today. She wrote her name and drew her face! She also told me what the 3 organs on it do (lungs, liver and stomach). You can also see her haircut (Princess Sofia length!)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Sneaks

We just found both kids in Blake's shower (where they like to sit and play) eating apples. But the funny part is, Tim bought those apples especially for his overnight trip for work tomorrow. They took the huge apples and were happily eating them, secretly! Oh well, luckily daddy didn't care and just laughed about it!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Park Day

Last Sunday, we went to the park closest to our house and took Molly to play, too. Playing catch didn't last long because she kept getting stickers in her paws, so she just got to go on a walk instead.

The playground was very busy on that warm (winter?!) day, but the kids had a blast! We used to go to the park everyday (weather permitting) at our old house, but we have to make a little more of an effort now!

looking for fish

Friday, February 1, 2013


Easton's 2nd molar cut through yesterday, and he was in quite a mood! The teething also made his nose a little runny, so often throughout the day he would whine "nose" while swiping at it. He flipped back and forth from happy to grumpy all day long! and while grumpy, he would cry and scream and want nothing else than to be held. (I didn't get anything accomplished yesterday, except for holding a toddler!)
I made him a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. He ripped it up in tiny pieces and threw them all to the floor. I gave him a banana, and he peeled it and smashed the whole thing up and rubbed it everywhere....