Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just a few pictures to show the sweet faces I get to spend my days with...
the silly ballerina
future Tech-san (getting her guns up)
little man
check out the belly!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We woke up this morning and Blake was excited to go check out her and Easton's Easter baskets! There were also a few eggs hidden in the house for her to find. The rest were hidden in the front yard and Blake was an expert at finding them. She zoomed around the yard and porch picking them all up and shaking them to make sure they had "candy bar" inside!
All ready to go!
Good job!
Then we had breakfast and went to church, where both children slept through mass. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and a relaxing day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Weekend

We went down to Burnet for the weekend for my cousin Erin and Shawn's wedding at Lake Travis. It was great to see Katie and Santiago again, and for Uncle Bubba to meet Easton. On Saturday, before we went to the wedding, we had an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones. Santi has been hunting a few eggs a day at his grandparents' house all week and had practiced opening his eggs as he found them. This was Blake's first hunt so she just went around picking them up.
Then she saw Santi and realized treats were inside!
Then we all got dressed up for the wedding, had dinner in Marble Falls on the lake, and then went to the beautiful wedding and reception. Big congrats to Erin and Shawn, it was a really nice wedding with really cool, personal touches!
I don't have a family picture of the 4 of us on my camera, so I'll try to get one from whoever took it!
Blake was posing by trees outside of the church, and kept standing there and changing positions.... but always by a tree!

Then Dance Fever struck my normally shy daughter and she cut a rug with Santiago!

I'll add more pictures if I get more from family...


Friday night when we got to the lakehouse after eating dinner together, Travis, Katie, Tim and I enjoyed front row seats to Wrestle-Mania! Santiago, who wrestles all the time with his daddy, wanted to wrestle with Blake on the bed. I didn't know what she would do, as she usually doesn't like to play rough, but she did okay! Santi is much stronger and had all kinds of wrestle moves, but Blake just laughed and thought it was great.
This picture cracks me up because Santi was on top of Blake most of the time, so we pulled them apart and I put Blake on top, and the next thing I see is this... her flipping over! I think Santi must have pushed her off or something, but Blake wasn't upset.

2 Month Check-Up

My little chunky monkey had a good check-up this morning. He weighs 13 pounds 2 ounces (80th percentile) and is 23.75 inches long (75th percentile). Easton had a good check-up, with his big sister supervising everything the nurse and doctor did. Dr. B is optimistic that the cartilage in Easton's ears might help turn his earlobes down. Easton received 3 shots and an oral dosage for his vaccinations today. He screamed and turned bright red, but calmed down right away and fell asleep quickly!

Friday, April 15, 2011

2 Months Old

Everyone is amazed by just how much this little boy looks like his daddy. It makes me smile, because to me he is a miniature Tim in looks, mannerisms, everything! I wonder if it'll stay that way...

Well my little love bug is 2 months old today and is the best. Easton is smiling alot now (for about 1.5 weeks now), can roll over from front to back! (which he did for the first time 3 times yesterday, 2 of which I didn't see, but he decided he had had enough of tummy time and was on his back when I turned back to him!), and coos and babbles in the sweetest voice. He lifts his head and chest up so high and is strong. Easton straightens out his legs and puts a little weight on them like he wants to stand, when you hold him on your lap.

His 2 month check-up is on Monday, and I can't wait to see his stats on how big he is!

Somebody else wanted in the pictures
Sweet sibling love!!
Blake's showing me where he got a kiss!
We're busy getting ready to head to the lake for the weekend. Erin is getting married in Austin, so we'll be staying there for the weekend's festivities! Both kids are fresh from baths, and Blake is being a helper, helping Momma pack up.
"That's enough Momma!"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Boy

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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have been in the process of fixing up Blake and Easton's rooms. I painted Blake's a teal color a few shades lighter than what is in her new comforter. (it just looks blue in the picture)I also made her bow holder and put together the artwork for above her new big girl bed.
She has been sleeping here since we came back from my parents and is doing great! She calls for me just the same as she did from her crib and will sit and wait until I get there. I hope that continues and she doesn't learn to roam the house during the night. She has transitioned so easily into the big girl bed/no daddoo/potty training. I couldn't be happier!

The nursery was so easy to turn into Easton's. We planned for bedding that could be for a boy or girl, so I just turned the pink drawers blue, and made his initial above his crib. He has also transitioned to his new room nicely! We moved him over the night Blake moved over.
The dresser for Blake.... and now for Easton.
I still need to paint a mirror for Blake and do a couple things, but so far so good!

Last Week

Tim was out of town for work last week, so Blake, Easton and I stayed a few days and a couple nights at my parents' house. We had so much fun and it was nice to have the help and company!
It was extremely windy so we didn't get to play outside, but we saw the new colts next door and Blake could help Poppa with his chores. I didn't bring the pack 'n play for Easton so we made a bed from a dresser drawer. Blake thought it was great fun!
Life is so hard right now being so cute...
Blake loves her "Easty Ray" and kisses him all the time.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Girl

Well the daddoo is gone (although Blake still talks about it breaking). I should add that Blake threw it away all on her own without being told! We have also started potty training. Since I'm home all day, Blake started wearing underwear yesterday and she did not like feeling her wet pants with 2 accidents. She has gone #1 several times and went #2 for the first time this morning. The feeling made Blake a little unsure and upset, but she was finally successful and so proud! Several phone calls were made, and Blake squealed with delight and danced in celebration. Sorry if this is TMI, but it's important to document for me. Also know that the potty is clean in the picture, but Blake wanted to show off her new Elmo seat!
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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Blake threw the daddoo away this morning!
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Other March Happenings

Since the computer was not cooperating, here are some pictures from March that I did not get to post on time.

People have been asking how Blake is doing with a new brother around. I tell everyone that she is great, a big helper and is really like a little momma. She tells me what to do alot "pick up Easton, crying" or "Easton daddoo, crying" when he cries, or tells me "Easton diap diap, powder (don't remember how she pronounces that right now)" when she watches me change his diaper. Blake always says "watch" and will sit where she can see everything I do to take care of him. She always makes sure he has a blanket on him, and loves to turn on all his toys, his play mat, swing, bounce seat when I put him in them. She is a great little helper!Meanwhile, Easton is just great! He is my little snuggle bug.
Blake is a ham for the camera these days. I'm trying to best to take good movies to have good family memories. She can say "camera" now and is often handing me either the regular one or movie camera to take her picture with. The faces she gives are so funny!Blake loves riding her horse (when she can't ride a real one!) and says "clip clop clip clop" over and over or "giddy up!" and sometimes calls the cows.
I am in the process of redoing our guest room into Blake's new room so I can move Easton into the nursery. Our master bedroom is so little that it is cramped with Easton and all of his stuff in there, too! Hopefully the painting will be finished this weekend, which is the last of the big stuff left to do in Blake's room. I've been moving all her stuff into this room to try to get her excited about it. But she loves coloring and playing in here so far!

And this last picture is older, but is so cute. One day at my parents house, Easton was sleeping and my mom brought out this Moses basket that my sister and I used for our dolls when we were little. Easton was small enough to fit in it too!