Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Pretty sure Blake is one of the toughest little girls! Last night Easton pushed Blake off of our bed (trying to wrestle and play) and Blake ended up breaking her humerus. Her arm is too swollen for a cast, so for now it's 3 weeks in a splint and sling. The splint had to be put on twice because the first time her arm wasn't at the right angle. She powered through all the pain of having her arm manipulated into place for X-rays and the splint. I was crying more than she was by the end! She says it's no fun to be hurt and I think it's no fun to see your kid hurting. 
All she wanted after was a grape Sonic slush. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Fun

wearing shades at a "new to us" park here in town

Blake picked out both hers and Easton's outfit this day... they were trick riding the zebra toy (I only let them do it once each after Easton climbed up on his own first)

visiting Legacy Play Village in Lubbock on one ride-a-long day with Daddy

This is Easton's newest trick- he says "ta da di da di da!" (ta da) after doing something (like swinging from the arm of the treadmill) while holding his arms out.
Blake and Easton love to climb the rocks outside my parents' house - we were going over to get their mail while they were out of town

the kids love to eat at Firehouse Subs... pretty sure wearing a fireman hat makes chicken noodle soup, which is what they always order, taste better!
The kids spent the night with Grandma and Poppa last night in the travel trailer. They've been out of town since the July 4th holiday, and have been looking forward to "camping" at their house (the trailer was parked in the driveway as they unpacked it from using it last.) They also rode the mule down to the neighbor's windmill/tank/pond set up and jumped on the trampoline. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Randoms

I have more things I thought of to include in my last post about random, silly things...
Blake is very into nightgowns right now, and will very often be in a different one than the one she started out in, by the time I go to check on her at night or nap time! 
She calls people "honey, hon or babe" a lot. Mostly honey or hon... Like talking to her brother or recently her cousins at the lake: "what is it hon?" (Yes she hears me say those pet names a lot, but it's funny to hear a four year old saying it regularly)
Blake always asks persistently for specific foods from the grocery store... I don't think I ever argue with her because it's baby carrots, celery, okra, bananas, bell peppers- she's always loved veggies(especially raw) and fruits. Today she asked for "ants on a log!"

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Just a few funny things the kids are saying/doing lately:

Blake: calls her Lotsa Heart Elephant (from Care Bears) "Hearts-a-lot"

will show anyone who will watch her ballerina moves, she gets on her tippy toes with hands above head and turns in a circle (she's really excited about ballet this fall!)

Easton: "I too"- me too. also, "no I not, I do it, I sorry, I big boy"... He says "I" with everything! (mostly correct, but so cute when it's incorrect with what he's saying)

Since we're potty training, (update: which is mostly going well), he pronounces his parts "pitas"

The other day the kids were playing in their toy kitchen. Blake decided to make pizzas at her store and told Easton to be the customer and order. He walked up and said, "Hewo (hello), pizza?"

"bundlebee"= bumblebee

If you ask him how old he is, Easton will tell you "four!" I guess he really wants to be like his sister...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dining Room

Ok, so our dining room is slowly coming together. I've never had an official dining room before, so we had to start from scratch. Previously, the kids have been using this room as extra play space. The table we ordered from World Market after going there for the first time on our last trip to Frisco! I wish I could have bought so many things there...
The four chairs are also from World Market, but I wanted to have a bench on one side and 1: didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for one and 2: I needed a new project since I didn't get to build a dining table like planned. So I built a bench!
I didn't match the stain exactly, but tried to pick up some of the darker tones from the table! The cushion is upholstered in black leather (or faux... who knows?!) and I mimicked the nail head trim from the other chairs. I'm very happy with how it turned out! I don't have to worry about the kids getting the white chairs dirty and they can get on and off the bench so easily!
Now I need another project!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 4th

Wednesday afternoon we went to the lake to meet up with the whole gang (my parents, Travis, Katie, Hector & family, and GG). It was nice to have an extended weekend! 

The two little boys were together a lot, although Gabriel spent the majority of the trip calling "Blake, Blake!" over and over. He always wanted to know where she was, or do what she was doing. Easton and Gabriel are both having to learn the hard lesson of sharing, but overall played nicely! 5 months apart, but practically the same size!

The water is down (a lot!) but there was still plenty to swim in, boat in, and play in! This deck off the house is where the kids gravitated to while outside, sharing snacks and bonding!

We brought Molly with us and she swam in the lake for the first time. My brother got her in by throwing the dummy (terrible name for a dog toy) farther and farther, and she eventually could out swim Scout (my dad's dog) to get it!

The boys loved being outside. Here they are using bug nets to catch butterflies. They really just ran around swinging them!

Blake spent a lot of time loving on this sweet girl! She was so excited to hold little Sophia and would just sing to her. So sweet!

I promise my kids weren't in pajamas the whole time, but they prefer to take naps in them. This trip they pretty much were either wearing their swimsuits or pajamas. And I can't believe I don't have any swimming pictures!

We brought a 500 pack of poppers for all the kids. They had a blast throwing them down to pop, or some were string pulls. I wasn't ready to have anyone do the real, shooting kind...

This was the first year that our kids stayed up to watch the fireworks show.

Grandma and her two grand girls!

The four musketeers eating pancakes on the porch...
and then Grandma requested a picture of all the grandkids together. This was on Saturday night so it was our last chance... I think I took about 40 pictures with Katie and Grandma jumping around, being silly to get smiles.

I had to include several... they're just so cute!