Monday, July 27, 2009

Highchairs & Cups

Blake is increasingly interested in our food and drinks. She grabs for our cups, water bottles, and cans and tries to suck on the outside of them. I decided introducing her to a cup was in order.

Back story- Blake was drinking out of a bottle. Not often, but every couple of days or so, just to keep it going I would pump and let her have that feeding out of the bottle. Well, about a month ago, I fell behind. I enjoy nursing her, and I wanted to bond as much as possible, since I will be having to pump when I go back to work in August, so I quit with the bottle. BIG MISTAKE! She hates bottles now. You should see the fight she puts up, kicking, squirming, screaming, tears rolling down her face... and no it's not just when I try to feed her a bottle, it's anyone. So I thought I ruined it, because how would she eat when I go back to teaching if she won't allow me to pump for her bottles?? So we try the cup!

Blake has been sitting in her highchair to get used to being in it during mealtimes. She has her frozen teething ring while we eat. It's been going pretty good.

So today, we tried water in a cup. She did great! She wanted to hold it by herself, and helped me hold it while she drank. And yes, it went in and stayed in her! Only a little dribbled out...
What a big girl!

Lake Buchanan

We spent the weekend at the lakehouse at Lake Buchanan. The lake is down pretty low, but my parents keep moving the dock out farther and farther so it can stay floating and we can still play in the water around it! It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

Blake swam for the first time. She squealed when her feet first hit the water, but I kept bobbing up and down while holding her so she could adjust to the water. It was a little cool when you first get in, but with it being so HOT outside (really really hot!), the water felt great!!
Here's Aunt Katie floating with us... we didn't get a picture with Santiago swimming too. :(

I won't go so far to say that Blake loved it... but she wasn't unhappy either, so I'd say she liked swimming. I didn't keep her in for very long because I didn't want her to burn from the sun or get too pruny from the water. I couldn't find a swimsuit to fit her this late in the season and she's already outgrown her other swimsuit, so she swam topless (ha ha) in just a Little Swimmers diaper. After she dried off, and took a nap in the playpen down on the dock, Blake was sitting on Daddy's lap when he felt warm and wet....
Little Swimmers diapers are great for keeping water out while swimming, but not great at absorbing pee! Oops, sorry Daddy!

Grandma Karen watched Blake and Santiago while the two new mommies floated on rafts, relaxed, got a little suntan, and caught up with each other. Here's the two cuties napping together! They slept for 2 hours thanks to Grandma who kept them soothed when they tried to stir themselves awake. Blake likes to spit her daddoo out and shake her head side to side to try to stay awake. If you catch her quickly before her eyes open and put the daddoo back in, she'll sleep longer!
And a special thanks to my Grandma Hazel, Blake's great Grandma, who kept her entertained on the ride back home on Sunday!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Puppy Love

Blake is loving our dogs these days... I wish I could say the feeling is mutual. Marley and Hua haven't figured out what she is or what to think of her! She loves to watch them when they come past and catch her eye and she really wants to touch them. She reaches for them and grabs for whatever she can touch. She really loves Marley!

As you can tell, Marley really isn't into her! But Blake would love nothing more than to grab and pet the dogs. She even tries to "kiss" them, which is just her open mouth with drool pressing against you! I think they'll grow to love her!

Last week when we went for lunch at Tori's house, she loved both Geneva (her 10 week old daughter) and their dog Stella. Stella sat and let Blake grab her ears, collar, whiskers, and was really sweet. And when Tori and I sat with Blake and Geneva looking at each other, Blake got excited and wanted to grab Geneva all over too!

Also, Blake has been enjoying all the bright illustrations in the Eric Carle books we have been reading. She's more fun every day!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mouse in the House

The mouse for our computer died this week, and we finally replaced it with a new one today! Sorry it took so long for those of you anxious for a new blog.

Blake's personality is starting to shine through more and more. Grammy gave her a cute outfit that says "A giggle makes me wiggle," and it's so true! When Blake smiles or laughs, her whole body wiggles with her excitement. Her voice is getting louder and louder and she is really enjoying talking to herself in her crib, the mirror, her toys, or anybody who gets close enough to talk back! She has quite the vocabulary of baby talk! She has turned over twice now from her back to her tummy. It takes her awhile to get her arm out from underneath, and she definitely doesn't have the move mastered, but she's continually exploring her world. She also has a new trick that both Tim and I encourage by participating in fully!.... sticking her tongue out (nuh-uh-uh-uh-uhhhh style) and blowing raspberries! It's too funny, I tried to catch it in this video but she kept noticing me....

Blake is really enjoying her exersaucer. It's great, it has lights, music, lots of interactive toys, parts that crinkle when she touches them.... all kinds of things. A couple weeks ago Blake would just slump and fall to the side, not strong enough to stand and play. But now she can stretch and push herself upright while she plays, and she loves all the toys and noises (for now she doesn't know that she is making the toys play their sounds when she hits and pulls them...) Here she is playing her little heart out!
Notice the tongue! Maybe I should sign her up for Baby KISS! ha ha

Monday, July 13, 2009

4 month Check-Up

Blake had her next round of shots this morning. It was her naptime around the time we were at the pediatrician's office, but Blake stayed happy while Dr. B examined her. She fell asleep when he left and was awakened by the nurse giving her the shots. :( Needless to say, she cried! But she fell asleep on the car ride home, and is still asleep now (an hour later). So hopefully, today will be better than the last time she got her shots and she won't be as fussy. At 4 months old, Blake is 97% for height at 27 inches, and is 80% for weight at 15 pounds 5 ounces. Dr. B calls her tall and trim and says she's doing well!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 months old

Ok Mom, let's get this picture taking over with quick, ok?

Here's a smile, we're done, right?

oooooh, the fan!

I said, we're done, I'm outta here!

Or that's how I imagine her side of the photo op going! We will go to her 4 month check-up tomorrow morning, so I'll let you know how she measures up.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching Up

My camera is finally working again! Yay for pictures!!

Here we are ready for the rehearsal dinner.

We left Thursday night for Frisco to stay with Tim's parents while we were in town for Tyson and Jami's wedding in Denison. Man it's hot over there! And we know what that means... a fussy Blake! She did really well for most of the trip, but both the rehearsal dinner night and the wedding night, she got fussy because she was a little warm and not asleep in a bed. But the wedding was beautiful, Jami looked gorgeous, and it was great to see everyone again. Congratulations to Jami and Tyson! and congratulations soon to Jeff and Diana, Jake and Lindsey, and Jordan and Travis!!

Blake's 2 Fourth of July outfits!

In other news, Blake is now consistently rolling onto her sides, although she prefers to roll to her left. (maybe a lefty like Daddy??) She likes to reach and touch people's faces, and loves to pull on long hair.
I can't believe she's almost 4 months old! (I'll post more pictures later - we're still adjusting back to our normal routine ... duty calls!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Over the weekend, Pappaw competed in a team roping competition in Glenrose. (I hope I have my story straight...) He came in 5th place out of 900! It might be 6th, but regardless, he did great! He won money, and his first saddle! The partner he placed with was 13 or 14 years old, and was his last partner of the day, when only 2 of the previous partners turned the steers for him. (For those that don't know roping - the header ropes the "head," preferably the horns, of the steer, and turns the steer for the heeler to rope the "heels," or back two legs. Pappaw prefers to be the heeler. And obviously, the fastest time wins.)

We went over to see Grandma and Pappaw yesterday before we all head out of town. They are going to meet Katie, Hector, Santiago, Travis and some friends at Lake Buchanan, and we are off to Frisco for the wedding of one of Tim's good friends. We had lunch over there, and went back with Tim for a delicious dinner! I couldn't resist the photo opportunity of Blake sitting with Pappaw in his prize saddle! We are proud of him!