Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Sweet

I just had to document... One of my all time favorite things is hearing Blake read to her dolls before napping. I read to her and sing, tuck her in and then after I leave, you can hear her sweet little voice reading the book again. I love it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Blake-isms

As an almost 3 year old, Blake makes me laugh with some of the things she says. Sometimes she'll "ask" for things but answer giving herself permission. "can I have a piece of candy? Just one for now? Ok. I will." or "you want me to have that? Ok I will take it."(when Easton had something she wanted back).

Red Solo Cup is her favorite song. She loves to sing "let's have a party!"

Funny pronunciations:
Remember= re-ember

When you ask her something, she always starts answering by "welp(well)" pause... And then will answer you.

Blake says "sometimes" about 100 times a day. "sometimes I like milk" "sometimes my doll needs a paci" Everything is sometimes!

Blake is talking up a storm these days!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Gymnast and Suckers

We decided to start Blake in a little gymnastics class for preschoolers. We tried it out two weeks ago and signed up last week, so she's been twice. She had alot of fun and kept asking to go back, so we're glad she enjoyed an activity that lets her play with other girls (there's only 3 other girls in her class right now), build some confidence and learn some new tricks! She loooooves her leotard!!
These pictures are from a while ago... Blake gave Easton one of the suckers she got in her Valentine bag from MDO. He stuck it in his mouth and never took it out! He walked straight to her Mickey Mouse chair, leaned way back in it sitting, and slowly slid to the floor. He was so happy with that treat! Nothing was going to faze him as long as he had that sucker. It was funny!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1st Birthday Party - Part 2

Tonight we had GG, Grandma Hazel, Aunt Pat, Grandma and Poppa over for dinner to celebrate Easton's birthday. We had a nice dinner of green chicken enchilada casserole and mexican cornbread, rice, chips and guacamole, with the chocolate cupcakes and yellow cake for dessert.
This time, Easton knew what that cupcake in front of him meant and started kicking his legs trying to get to it. He was grabbing for it, even with the candle lit on top, and scarfed it down no problem!
Blake ate her cupcake really fast and grabbed a second one from the plate even while she was still chewing her first one! Like I said, she loves any birthday because birthdays mean there will be cake! Easton opened some stuffed animals, sports balls, and a ball popper toy. Happy birthday Easton, we love you!

Happy First Birthday Easton!

One year ago I was given the gift of this little boy. Life has not had a dull moment since... I love it that way.
and I love how much they love each other! Happy birthday little man!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

When I got home from my walk/jog today with the kids, I noticed a package on the porch. When I got closer I noticed it said ProFlowers.... the tag was addressed to Tim. Hmmmm. Who sent Tim flowers??? Just then he pulled in the driveway, I asked him who sent him flowers and he told me to open them! Look what I got! Beautiful beautiful tulips! And chocolates!

12 Month Well Check

Easton had his one year old checkup this morning. He checked out great! Easton weighs 21 pounds 3 ounces (26th %) and is 30 inches long (60th %). His head is 18.25 inches around (51st %). Easton got 4 shots and turned bright red while he screamed and cried... he immediately stopped when I could pick him up. And then we went next door to the lab to have his blood drawn (anemia check) where he didn't cry at all over his finger prick. We have a beautiful, healthy boy!

He goes back at 15 months and Blake will have her 3 year old check the same time (they wait until after the flu and asthma surge is over).

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little More Easton

Just some sweet moments of my little boy...

1st Birthday Party-Part 1

We celebrated Easton's 1st birthday over the weekend with Tim's parents. The kids got lots of good grandparent time and had fun! Blake was singing, reading, and talking up a storm. Easton kept everyone laughing by his sweet chuckle and babbling!
The weather turned really cold so we just hung out inside on Saturday, snacking just about all day then burgers for dinner. Easton was spoiled by an awesome water table from Grammy and Grandpa that I cannot wait to set up in the backyard when it gets warm!!! He also opened some clothes and goodies from us, and workbench from Uncle Nino.
I was anxiously anticipating Easton tearing into his cake, because he loves to eat and loves the little bites of sweets he's already tried. I was a little disappointed when he didn't go to town smashing the cake up! After a few tastes and help with bites and touching it, he just sat there! But when Tim started feeding him from a fork, he loved it! Totally didn't see that coming... then when the fork was put down, he tried to use it himself, wanting more.
Blake was so sweet about his party, helping him blow out his candle and open his presents. She understood it was his day and knows her birthday and party is coming soon!
Besides, Blake knows a birthday means cake, so of course she was happy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Student

Blake received the "super student" award at school today! I really think MDO has helped Blake become more confident and social. Her teachers are so sweet and always say "great, of course!" when I ask how Blake's day was. I'm so proud of my sweet girl!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beautiful Messes

I am becoming much more laid back as time goes on. Marrying Tim started it, because he can always calm me down, and now having my two kids reinforces it daily. I just let a lot of messes happen and just clean it up. After all, I am so thankful to have kids and mess is just part of it. I would be sad to not have mess-makers in my life! And kids have to learn to clean up also... here's some examples:

Blake loved making a mess out of newspaper when she was younger and now Easton does too. This day he was throwing it everywhere and she thought it was so funny and was "taking his picture" like I was. (She has many an old cell phone that she uses)

Blake takes really good care of her dolls. They get their outfits changed, take bottles and pacis, nap under blankets, go for stroller and shopping cart rides... you name it, her dolls probably have it. Lately, Blake likes to do their hair, washing it, combing it, putting clips in... well, Blake came to ask me to help wash Sarah's hair. When I saw the doll, I couldn't help but laugh. Sarah the doll was covered in lotion! So she definitely needed a hair washing!

Not to say I never freak out... but usually you just have to laugh.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Little man sleeps hard! Ha ha. What a sweet pea.

Birthday Shirt

Definitely not perfect... but I finished Easton's bithday shirt!