Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Colors

We were on a walk yesterday and Blake pointed out the fall colors in some trees. These two actually had me take their picture in poses of their choosing! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall semester things

Easton is a busy preschooler! Here he is right before going to TOT (teams of tomorrow - it's a basketball program centered on movement and music) at preschool on a Thursday. He loves it! He also found a basketball in our garage, and has been dribbling around the house nonstop. 

On Tuesdays at preschool, Easton does gymnastics (both programs come to his school) He is very strong and seems to be pretty naturally athletic. He also loves climbing ropes, swinging on rings and playing at our CrossFit gym. 

Then on Mondays and Wednesdays, Easton has speech class at our neighborhood elementary school. We've been riding bikes there and back enjoying our beautiful weather lately - it feels more like fall!

Last Friday was Grand Day at Blake's school. My parents came into town and enjoyed mass and a program from the kids and a visit to her classroom. She was very proud to show them around her school! The previous day was her turn to read during morning prayer. Tim and I were pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn't nervous at all! She did great! 

Then Friday afternoon we went to San Angelo for Blake's soccer tournament. Her coach wanted to see how the girls could do in a different environment, because they win every game here in Lubbock! 
They were awesome! Even with one girl backing out at the last minute, Blake's team played three games on Saturday and won undefeated! Blake especially played great! We are so very proud of her hard work! She can't get enough soccer! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's Fall

Easton found some safety gear from work and wanted to try it on! 
I'm enjoying this little boy and our time together. I'm very aware that this time next year both of my kids will be at school everyday. He is growing up so fast! Easton likes to play with this mosaic game a lot lately that has all little trapezoid shaped pieces that you put together however you like... He's very good at it! 
Blake was proud to announce that her artwork was chosen to represent her school's first grade at the South Plains Fair. We definitely had to go see it out there! We were all very proud of her bird picture! Blake is very into drawing, coloring, and making cards and books! (I love picking up this happy first grader everyday!)
We had fun that lovely fall night at the fair. The weather was great! 
I've been sick lately and one day when I was in bed all day, the kids made me cards! 
Easton had me tell him the letters for his message, but he wrote it all himself! And Blake made me a heart shaped card, with several sweet messages in it - both of them making me feel loved!