Monday, May 31, 2010

Girly Girl

Blake is quite the girly girl. She loves holding bags, and putting things around her like you would a purse or scarf. She will pick up one of Tim's belts, or a dog leash, or lunch box, or whatever she can find...(today it was a GAP bag) and drape it across her shoulders. You can see this time she put it on backpack style. She either puts it on one shoulder or around her neck like a necklace or around the back of her neck like this picture and will strut her stuff around.


Everyone has been asking us where Blake learned to hiss/growl at people or things she doesn't like or want right then. We have always responded that we don't know and have been trying to figure out where she got it from. I figured it out tonight during bath time. Blake likes to drink the bath water and I was trying to discourage her, and I said "Yucky. Eeecccchhhkk." (like I always do when I try to teach her about something I don't want her to touch or put in her mouth) Blake then repeated with her usual "hhhhhhhccccchhhk" mimicking me obviously! Oops!

Water Baby

We just got back from another fun weekend at the lake. This time it was the McLane/Ornelas/Trevino family get-together, and we had fun playing games, swimming (or floating), laughing, and being entertained by 2 cute babies!
Blake loved playing on the steps on the back porch. She would take her water cup over with her and sit on the step swinging her legs, and stand up, climb up and sit down over and over.

I can't get over how big she is getting!
None of us are looking, but here we all are in the water. Blake liked the water as long as someone held her, but she absolutely did not like sitting in the baby float. She also loved riding in the kayaks! Blake waved to every boat and waverunner, even when she was on the back porch far away from the boats. Very social!

After a long day of car rides, and grocery shopping, I decided to put Blake back in her swimsuit to play in her new baby pool. We just played in the front yard, but I will be putting it in the back yard from now on. Blake loves water!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here Lately...

Here are the missing pictures from the girls trip to the lake last weekend, plus kids!

I think Blake and Santiago had fun together!
We were talking about taking wildflower pictures all weekend, but didn't get around to it until our drive home. At that point, Blake was done!
This weekend was really nice and relaxing. I did a little cleaning, got to catch up with my dear friend Laura who came to town, ran a few errands, and on Sunday afternoon watched Tim's 2 softball games. Well Blake and I were there, but instead of watching most of the games, we walked around a lot, and stayed very busy. Blake insisted on picking up trash and throwing it away (your welcome world!), going to see what everyone else was doing, ate most of my shaved ice, and practiced climbing on and off the first bleacher... Busy busy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tooth Update

Blake's first molar popped through today. Bottom left! 9 teeth and counting...

PS- Blake and I spent a girls only weekend at the lake last weekend with my mom, grandma, aunt, sister, and two cousins, plus Santiago! (Santi was allowed because all babies were invited, just no other boys, ha ha) I will post pictures soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

14 Months Old

Today totally snuck up on me: it wasn't until I received my "What Your 14-Month-Old Is Up To" email, that I realized today Blake is really 14 months old. As my battle with Blake's hair continues, I tried out a rubber band tonight that she quickly yanked sideways. It did allow her face to be seen in her pictures!
She also demanded a daddoo, so I didn't get any pictures with her smile, but oh well. I took what I could get from this busy bee!
At 14 months:
  • Blake is completely a walker! Her balance has improved greatly, and she runs when she gets excited, like when you tell her it's time to take a bath. She squeals and runs to the bathroom. Blake also likes to drink from the faucet while bathing.
  • Blake wears size 3 diapers and size 4, going into size 5 shoes,
  • and wears 12 month size clothes (occasionally an 18 month shirt).
  • She still pulls out her clips and bows (sometimes they stay in!),
  • loves to help and do jobs, like throw trash away, get a diaper, or pick things up for you,
  • LOVES playing and walking outside, and helping water plants,
  • loves books, and
  • waves at everyone everywhere we go!
  • Blake will "hhhhhuuuuuuucccchhhkk" at whatever she doesn't like or doesn't want to do
  • is drinking her milk more and more white, and less chocolate every time
  • rubs her tummy when something is "yummy" or when we say something is!
  • likes to clap, especially for herself when she accomplishes something,
  • and tries to snap by rubbing her fingers together (too cute!!)
Blake lately has found one of my purses she just loves! She drags it all around the house everyday. She's pulling it in this picture, along with wearing only one of her new sandals! She wouldn't let me put them both on her, but she loved the one she was wearing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The great thing about a blog, besides being able to share with family and friends, is the instant journal/scrapbook aspect. This has become much easier, faster, and better than a baby book because it has room for everything. Yes, I'm still writing in Blake's baby book, but this is where I write first.

When Blake doesn't like something or doesn't want to do something, she lets you know. (in the funniest way imaginable, I think!) Blake makes a hissing type of noise that almost sounds like she's about to hock a loogie. "huuuccckkkkhhhhhh" I'll have to try to catch it on a movie, but it's a deep noise from the back of her throat she makes and usually swats you away. Tim hopes she does it to all the boys to keep them away!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am so thankful to be a mom. I have the sweetest, funniest, spunkiest, smartest, most determined little mess of a girl as my daughter. I wouldn't want it any other way... My cup runneth over.
Blake is "smelling" my pretty flowers. We had a wonderful day of good food, relaxation, and enjoying each others' company today. Of course, Tim took care of me today "even though I'm not his mom!" but I really can't wait to see how Blake does things when she's old enough.

Speaking of my silly girl, I don't know how she managed to do this, but yesterday during a snack Blake managed to smear food in her hair. I know, nothing new there! But how the hair-do turned out is the thing. As if this little mischievous thing needed horns. ha ha!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Friend

You just never know what, or who, each new day will bring into your life! (Blake's new friend is a horny toad if you can't tell from the picture!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teeth! and Weekend Update

Blake finally has more teeth. She has been teething off and on for awhile now, and today 2 bottom teeth broke through on either side of the middle 2. Blake now has 8 teeth: 4 top, and now 4 bottom!

I tried without success to get a picture with her teeth showing, but I did get some cute shots nonetheless! Doesn't she look like a cute little watermelon?!?
Elephant! Blake does this move whenever she sees an elephant in a book or picture, whenever you say anything about "what an elephant says" or randomly whenever she feels like it!

This past weekend Tim's parents joined us for the first annual Crudefest here in Midland. It was a barbeque cook-off and 3 day concert event. There were tents, campers, fifth-wheels, and RVs of all shapes and sizes... are here's our set-up!
We borrowed my parents' VW van that is a camper for the boys to sleep in. It was pretty cold and very WINDY out there!!! Blake was a trooper and never once fussed about the less-than-ideal conditions. We walked around and played in lots of dirt! Tim entered the brisket, chicken, and ribs categories... but didn't make the finals. We had high hopes for his yummy chicken especially! But there's always next time.
I just love this little girl! (She's lovin' on me by resting her head against mine!) I love her even though she threw up all over me at Texas Roadhouse tonight! There had just been a birthday at a table close to us and she was clapping and getting really excited... as I picked her up from the highchair to leave... yuck! all down my shirt and on my shoe. She's fine, I think she just got too excited right after eating.

Monday, May 3, 2010


This is mostly for my own record, and I didn't get a picture. I will definitely try to snap one of this soon.

Blake loves to have her hair tickled, or back rubbed, or have lotion rubbed on her (which is great since I will be rubbing sunscreen on her alot coming up!). The other day Blake was playing with a business card she found on the counter top, and Tim grabbed it and lightly started rubbing the edge of the card back and forth across her arm. She melted! She sat so still and just went limp she was so relaxed! Well, tonight, Blake didn't want to go to bed right away, so we were laying with her on our bed. She found another business card on Tim's bedside table, and he did the same thing. She got so calm and sat so still, and just plopped back, her body was so relaxed. It was so funny!