Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year the kids were going to be a cowboy and cowgirl... Last minute change of plans, and Easton became a vampire or Count Dracula, maybe. Grandma and Papa joined us to trick or treat at a neighborhood close by and it was fun! Blake said "trick or treat" loud and proud like Papa coached her at every house and Easton reached his hand out and wanted all the candy put in his hand, not his bucket. We'll have to work on candy picking because if he had a choice, he went for the suckers every time! Blake was sweet and helped hold her brother's hand, when she wasn't running ahead to be the leader. She also would tell you to "be safe and walk on the sidewalk" if we weren't! Easton walked the whole way and was just kind of taking it all in! They both did great but were tired after a few blocks, so we called it a night. It was a happy Halloween! Blake says she wants to be a princess next year...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Tonight we carved our first Trevino family pumpkin. Blake wanted "jack" to have a happy face, not a scary face. After the kids helped scoop out the pumpkin insides, Blake drew on the face. I cut it out and she was thrilled at the result. Easton was just thrilled because she was!

Easy Chair

Easton loves this little chair by the front porch. Yesterday he sat down to relax while drinking some water... And watched us unload groceries. Anytime we're in the front yard, he'll run to sit down like he thinks he has to beat someone to it!

This week, the weather has been so nice (where is the coolness!?) so we like to play outside. (Notice the shorts) and I had to include Molly in a shot to reference how big she's getting! Halloween post tomorrow...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I feel like I blinked and October is almost over... We finally made it to the pumpkin patch the other day and it was pretty bare! Only little groupings of big pumpkins left, but at least I made it before Halloween! Regardless, the kids had a blast and Easton kept busy climbing and kid-watching. We bought a pumpkin to carve.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Blake's name at 3 years, 7 months old. The top and bottom names were written by her teacher and traced, and the middle name was done completely by Blake. One day she won't even attempt to practice her letters, and the next she is writing her name. Thank you Mrs. G!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Family Fair

Last weekend was the St. Ann's Family Fair. (Tim's parents came to town to visit us). It was a cool, extremely rainy weekend but luckily it didn't rain on us while we were there. The kids has a blast! Blake rode the Ferris wheel, Easton went down the big slide with his daddy, and everyone rode the carousel. Easton loved all the games on the booth-side of the fair and has quite an arm. He even got all three in on the bean bag toss! Blake was totally sure all the tickets they won would earn her a Hello Kitty toy. Luckily she was just as happy with all the candy and trinkets they picked out. Both kids had their faces painted, and Grandpa won a cake. All in all, a great time. Next year will be even better since Easton will get to ride the carnival rides he desperately wanted to!

PS- Blake picked out her outfit! Cowboy boots go with everything, right?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Fall!

Now I just need some pumpkins...