Monday, August 25, 2014

Blake is a Kindergartener!

Today Blake started kindergarten! She was very nervous and cried a few times days before about how she would miss me... My mama heart was worried and just wanted everything to go well!
So big!

She cried when it was time for us to leave (we all took her to school!) and I cried once I was in the car. The day flew by, surprisingly, and I was anxious to pick her up to hear about her day. We walk into the kindergarten common area to pick them up everyday, and I found my girl with a big smile on her face saying she had a "super fun day!" I'm so glad!
Easton was so happy to have her back with us, even though we had a good day together, too. Blake picked sno-cones for her after school treat and she's looking forward to go back again!
PS- she crashed by 7:00! School is tiring!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I recently heard of the great idea of taking pictures of your children with their favorite comfort items before they outgrow them, or as we call them "loveys." Now that Blake and Easton are getting a little bigger, loveys are required to stay at home, except for trips. When I told the kids that I wanted to take their picture with their loveys, they were so excited! 
This is Raffi. She has been Blake's favorite for about 3 years now. I suggested the name to her (Raffi the Giraffe... it was the best I could do) When Blake was littler, people would always get her name wrong after hearing her talk about her.... Ralphie, Roffi, all kinds of mispronunciations... but Raffi is definitely Blake's #1 lovey!
This is Kitty, sometimes known as Black Eyes... both names were thought of by Easton. He's also creative in his naming process! ha ha. He's been attached to Kitty for about a year now, and loves her!   Kitty is definitely his #1 lovey.

But this is Boomer. Easton specially requested another picture so Boomer the Bulldog could be in it, too. Boomer was a recent gift from a trip to Midland to see my parents. Right now he is a close second to Kitty, even if he doesn't have the crazy eyes she does! LOL