Friday, April 26, 2013

This week...

We've had a sick house. First Blake starting Sunday, then Easton and me a few days later have all had a cold this week. Or maybe just drainage, allergies, who knows. Whatever the case, there has been lots of pajamas, putting puzzles together and watching cartoons. I'm ready to feel better. We're almost there...
It just hit me again how fast time is going, when Blake's last monthly calendar came home from school. One month left til summer vacation and then she'll be in 4 year old preschool and Easton in MDO?! Whoa.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Big Boy

Easton sits by himself while riding a horse. Now he can take turns with Blake, being led by Poppa. What a handsome cowboy!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Toddler Engineering

The other day Easton was eating Cheerios in the car and I turned to check on him and saw quite the invention! He was stacking them on his dinosaur's tail, then eating them from there.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Saturday we went to Lubbock for the day. Tim needed to go pick up a hydrant for work and I needed to see a friend's new baby, so it worked out great! First stop was the Science Spectrum to let the kids play. They have an even bigger kids area and we played in the water...

with air...

rode a "roller coaster"...

played in the music area...

and everywhere!

Easton didn't want his picture taken, but he loved the fire truck and the train room! He did not like the dinosaurs. There was a statue of a Triceratops (just the bones) but they also had a T-Rex that was animated and roared real loud. He was so scared, and wouldn't even go near that room again!

Blake loved it all and kept saying "thank you for letting me play with all the toys!" Such a sweetie. They both really liked all the fish and animal exhibits, too. Blake picked out a stuffed bunny and Easton picked out a stuffed prairie dog for souvenirs (and they are both so attached to their new lovies!)

We met our friends Mandy and Trent for lunch at Spanky's (it's one of our musts!) with their 4 girls! It was great to catch up with them and so crazy to think about how our get togethers have changed since high school and rooming together in college. 6 kids between us, wow!

Then we went to the mall and picked up Sheridan's frozen custard on the way home. It was a really fun day and Tim and I were so pleased with the kids' behavior considering all the things we did and places we went, not even one fit. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

Blake was so excited to dye Easter eggs this year! Of course, Easton had no idea what was about to happen but loved helping us mix up the little bowls of dye! He looked really confused when we started dipping eggs in, but he quickly caught on and loved dying eggs and putting stickers all over them.

But his favorite part was crunching the eggs after he finished decorating them. Boys! 
Blake, on the other hand, took great care in dipping the eggs until they were the perfect shade of color and ever so gently covered them with stickers. Then all she wanted to do was eat her eggs. Just about as fast as she got another one going in the dye, she would want to eat a previous egg!

On Easter Sunday morning, Blake woke up really early and was so excited to check out her Easter basket. Easton slept later and Blake showed him his basket and they sat and went through all their goodies.
When it was time to hunt for eggs, Blake came shooting out of the house ready to go! Easton followed behind and took his time walking around and was amazed each time he found an egg. He picked it up and would open it just to check it out.

We had to tell him to quit eating and save some for later! Blake ran around and was picking them up like her life depended on it! She was soooo excited about how many eggs she found. (We had to save a few in a little area of the yard just so Easton would have a chance)

Blake's basket was full and so was Easton's mouth... ha ha!

Then, I really wanted some cute pictures of both kiddos in their Easter clothes. Easton only wanted to pick up acorns and when I did talk him into standing by Blake, he just hung his head down saying "no momma, no" real whiny...

Blake was happy to pose as long as Sally (the teddy bear) was in the picture too. Happy Easter!