Friday, April 20, 2012


Blake just came up to my as I was on the iPad and she said "momma, are you making a google?" I started laughing and she asked me again "are you googlin?" I told her yes! Isn't that funny?!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do

This is how silly Easton decided to slide today. He climbs by himself (or so he thinks, with me and Blake behind him just in case!) so of course, my other super silly kiddo had to try too!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bluebonnet Festival

We traveled to Burnet over the past weekend to the Bluebonnet Festival. It was beautiful to see the highways lined with wildflowers again, and we finally got to see my parents' new lakehouse! Friday night we just enjoyed the views of the lake as we waited for everyone to get into town, and then we roasted marshmallows. I think Blake ate about 8 or so, little sneak would eat them from the bag behind every one's backs.... Saturday morning we went up to the festival for all the fun! It was a windy, overcast day, but we had fun watching the rubber duck race, going to the car show (how cute is this bumper car turned car?!), watching the parade, playing at the playground, eating fair-food, riding the carnival rides and looking at the festival booths.
We went back to the lakehouse for naptime, and Tim, Travis and I headed back to the festival to watch Six Market Boulevard and the Bart Crow Band. Great weekend!! Can't wait til it gets warm enough to swim this summer!

Easton was itching to get out of the stroller and get onto the rides. He rode the carousel and a train ride, and Blake was picking out rides that we knew would be too scary. With the exception of the giant slide, she had a ball!

(I wrote this post almost a week later, and all Blake has been talking about is the princesses she saw in the parade. Not the festival princesses in gowns with tiaras waving from the floats, but she means the cowgirl princesses! There were some kind of rodeo girls or cowgirls in the parade with bows and ribbons on their horses. She keeps asking if she can be a cowgirl princess when she grows up!!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Silly sleeping

Easton often sleeps with his legs sticking out the rails of his crib. I thought this position was especially silly!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Because

Just because she asked me to take her picture...

A Dream Come True for Daddy

Easton loves his golf club! (which I've already mentioned) and Blake uaes one too, not to be left out... But we've been playing in the backyard this morning and Easton has been golfing the whole time (about 40 minutes so far). Blake lost interest after a few minutes, but Easton continually whacks at the ball, following it all around. He makes contact a lot and will keep walking to the ball, whacking at it over and over. It amazes me to see the concentration and who would've thought golf clubs would be so interesting to an almost 15 month old!?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday was a great, relaxing day! (I feel like I say that alot for our weekends, but it's nice to relax together!) We went to the early mass, which is best for our kiddos and napping schedules. Both kids started out unusually mellow, with Easton even resting his head down on Grandma, and then they both perked up and Easton sung out with the music... loudly!
The Easter Bunny brought books, candies, and other goodies, which the kids dove right into in the morning. We waited to Easter Egg hunt after we came home from church. Blake searched the yard carefully before running to each egg. Easter would pick up an egg and then throw it! Such a boy!
Then we went to Grandma and Poppa's for lunch. It was a great lunch with both GG's, Uncle Kevin, Logan and us!
We lounged at home watching the Master's, and played outside. (I couldn't get a good picture of both kids looking, so these are the best we could do)
I decided to keep taking pictures besides our growing tree, to see the tree and kids get bigger!

After dressing Easton for church, I told Tim that he (Easton) looked like such a little boy, to which Tim replied, "well he is a little boy, he's not a baby anymore." That sure happened fast!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Decorating

Blake and I decorated eggs yesterday while Easton napped. We dyed them, put stickers on some, but she wanted most of them plain. Near the end of decorating she asked me "mom, are these eggs raw?" I told her they were cooked inside (she loves hard-boiled eggs) so then she asked "can we be done so I can eat them?" I couldn't help but smile as I told her "sure." I wonder how long before they all end up in her tummy?!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love WWE-style

Blake and Easton love each other so much. There is no way to describe the love I can see between them. These days it's wrestling! They grab each other, squeal, roll, tackle... It's so funny!