Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Boy Changes

So Easton threw his daddoo away while talking to his daddy about being a big boy today. We left for dinner out, and he didn't even beg and cry for it like he usually does... I asked Tim what our game plan was going to be when he asked for it at bedtime. I knew he would ask for it, so I thought we should do what we did with Blake and cut it. I snuck and cut it off later and sure enough when bedtime rolled around, he began asking for his daddoo. He remembered where it was so when he got it out of the trash (don't worry, I cleaned it!) he looked at it closely. I said "uh oh, it's broken!" And he said "broke?" So after we showed daddy, I asked if he wanted to throw it away since it was broken, he said yes. So far no tears! He gladly picked a stuffed puppy to sleep with instead. Hmmmm, too good to be true?!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Totally late, I know! But have to write about it anyway....

We had several Christmas celebrations, per usual! Blake had to miss her preschool Christmas party due to her mono. Luckily, the worst of her sickness was the Friday prior to being diagnosed! Travis, Katie, Hector and family came in to celebrate the weekend before Christmas. We enjoyed lots of family time, with a dinner and presents for the great-grandkids with Grandpa Hollis and Grandma Dorothy on Saturday night, and breakfast and presents with my parents and GG on Sunday morning! The tent from Grandma and Poppa was a big hit!

Christmas Eve was dinner and games at Grandma Hazel's, but I was sick and we stayed home. Christmas morning we enjoyed delicious Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls (thanks to Grandma!!) and we opened presents, and then my parents and brother stopped by to see what Santa brought the kids! 

This momma, who was so tired of two kids arguing over the same chair ALL THE TIME... put my order in to Santa for a special chair for each kid! Monogrammed bean bag chairs!

I got a new camera and hopefully can be better about documenting our lives! (still getting caught up though...)

Then it was time for Christmas with the Trevino's the Friday after Christmas. We enjoyed dinner and exchanging presents again with them and Nino. This is what our tree looked like filled with their presents. WOW!

A princess twirl!


When Blake was little, I remember thinking how cute it was when Blake would talk in third-person. "Blakey want ______." She always called herself Blakey! Now Easton on the other hand seems to have skipped that stage. He has been saying "meeee" while patting his chest if he wants something. Now everything has become "mine!" Like yesterday, we picked up Blake from school and we saw a school bus. He said, "bus, mine!" We read an animal book... He says, "cow, mine!" Blake thinks it's hysterical that he says everything is his.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Funny from Easton

This morning Easton and I were eating apple slices out of a paper bowl. When he finished, he put it on with a big grin saying "hat!" Then he said "Poppa" (because every one who wears a hat is like Poppa to him!) He then ran and climbed on the rocking horse who he calls "moke" (gunsmoke), starting riding with a big smile and kept saying "hat, Poppa, moke!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Blake has really been wanting to ride her horse lately... especially after going to the rodeo last week. So on Saturday, Poppa saddled up Gunsmoke and we bundled up for horse-back riding. First, they had to plow the arena, so both kiddos wanted to help!
Anytime recently when Blake talked about riding a horse, Easton would say "mmmmeeeeee!" pointing at his chest. He really thought he wanted to ride too!
It took a little bit for him to get comfortable going near the horses, but when it was his turn, he was ready for Poppa to hold him. And he really liked trotting!
Blake even trotted with Poppa holding her, which she hasn't wanted to do at all, especially after falling off last year. Now she says she likes to trot on horses, too.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Never mind

The first thing Blake did when she got home from school was to help look for the lost pacifier. She decided I just needed help when we told her Easton had to nap without a daddoo and be a big boy today. Sure enough, it was right under his pj's... So for now, operation big boy is delayed. (Easton has been cranky bc he only slept for about an hour instead of his usual three hour nap-so he is grateful Blake found it)


Just wanted to share a few happenings and funnies from Easton...

The other night as I was cooking, he came into the kitchen saying "nake" "nake" to me. I asked him, "snake?" And he said "uh huh!" real excitedly, then said "me!" pointing to his chest, and dropped to the floor and started crawling towards me hissing. I had to play like a snake was coming to get me!

He says "a-nuh-nuh" (another) all the time. He says it when he wants more of something, or when he sees more than one thing. He loves to point out something, like a bird, school bus, or cowboy like Papa, then find "a-nuh-nuh!" and point and yell it out!

He's talking more and more all the time! Easton is so smart and learns things very quickly (like his daddy)!

Today we lost his daddoo. I wasn't quite ready to take it away, maybe after his birthday or at least til his head congestion went away. But I also was finished buying more pacifiers. Sometime between waking up this morning and nap time, it got lost. After much searching, 30 minutes of crying! and lots of saying "gone", Easton fell asleep without it. Now I need to find it so I can make sure he doesn't find it again to start the goodbye process over again!

These pictures are from yesterday. Easton wanted me to take his picture. He was making phone calls, and being silly!

Friday, January 4, 2013


Blake insists on being called Sofia or Princess Sofia these days. It all started when "Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess" premiered on Disney about a month ago. She's the newest Disney princess and she always wears purple, so it was an instant hit for Blake! She originally asked me to change her name to Sofia, which I told her I couldn't (because hopefully Aunt Katie will get to use it!!) so instead she asked to be called Sofia at home. Sometimes the rest of us are called by the queen, king, and prince's names too. Haha!