Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August rolls on...

Blake is loving first grade. She loves her teacher and always has lots of stories about how silly she is and the fun things they did at school that day! Blake made friends quickly and it has been a smooth transition. This is what she looks like on regular days:
Meanwhile, back at home (Easton doesn't start until after Labor Day) we are staying busy. I am cherishing my moments with Easton because I know my last year with him will go so fast! He goes to work with us, to our workouts, and is the sweetest boy. Today he wanted to scrub the sinks when he saw me starting to 
He used to think it was embarrassing to take his shirt off, but look at him now. He's perfectly happy to stay in his undies whenever he can! 
Easton also has become pretty interested in baseball. He's always asking to practice. Look at his concentration! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

First Grade

Today was Blake's first day of First Grade! She was nervous and would cry when we talked about it in the days leading up to today. I think a mixture of being away from me again (she loves being with me, my little sidekick!), while Easton hasn't started back yet, and a new school, plus just her nature -  was creating a little anxiety about school.
Thankfully, her first two days are half-days and we got to pick her up at noon! She came out with a big smile on her face and hugs for us all, saying she had a great day! I was thinking about her all morning, hoping for the best...
Blake already knew two girls from her soccer team, that are in the class next door, and she was happy to report that she was given a buddy for mass! (she was hoping for this, like she had in pre-k). They started the school year off with an all-school mass to welcome everyone back, and Blake had a 6th grade buddy, which is why they wore their mass uniform! So cute!
I am so proud of my big first grader!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I am so happy in our new home!
I love this view of the backyard. The kids are actually happy to play outside now (because they have shade) and we've been spending way more time outside, both in the front and back yards.