Monday, July 14, 2014

Fly Girl

Blake is currently playing on an indoor soccer league with all the girls from her outdoor team, plus about 4 more from other teams who wanted to play with them. They are the Fly Girls. 
This sweet girl always gives it all she's got and always reports back about how much fun she's having... all I could ever ask for! She is definitely improving and says she wants to play in the World Cup one day!

Friday, July 11, 2014


More funny/cute things he says...
"Purray, purray!!" (Hurray!) when he's excited about something
Burder (burger)
Still calls Blake "Bake" - I'm going to be sad when he can say it correctly 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Frisco trip

At the end of June, we needed to go to Fort Worth to pick up some pipe, so we decided to make the weekend into a trip to see Tim's parents. We also got to spend time with more friends and family, too!

The kids were soooo good during the car ride, no fussing! Even when problems hauling a trailer-ful of pipe turned the trip into a 12 hour ride...
We got to meet baby Thomas! What a sweetie - Blake hogged him the whole time and didn't want to put him down. She was so happy!
We went to Top Golf and even the kiddos played! It was a lot of fun! They both hit targets several times each.

And Miss Callie!! Such a sweet, beautiful baby -  I couldn't resist forcing taking some pictures of these kiddos: 1/2 products of Frisco!


I'm trying to soak up every little moment with the kids this summer before school starts up... and every once in a while I remember to grab my camera!

 We swim, eat popsicles, go on bike rides, "chalk the sidewalk" as Blake calls it, blow bubbles and do any fun summery things we can think of.

 Blake was full of concentration and Easton was full of silly! Both so precious!

(Sidenote: that is the neighbor's grass, not ours... we are between the houses.)