Sunday, July 31, 2011


Easton is trying his hardest to be mobile! He will practice anywhere he's on his tummy. His arms are getting stronger and he's gone from elbows to hands and can now hold himself up for a good while! He works so hard at it.
So we went from this a couple weeks ago...

to this...
to this... the last two were yesterday and today!

Blake always joins me in cheering for him!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Interview with Blake

I saw this on another blog and wanted to do it with Blake occasionally to see how things change! And Easton, too, when he's old enough.

What is your name? Blake Terino Michelle

How old are you? two, look two! (as she holds up her fingers)

What is your favorite color? pink (after a long period of quiet)

Who is your best friend? Momma (and I did not do anything to make her say that! I'm sure that will change as she gets bigger!!)

What is your favorite animal? Papa's animal

What do you want to be when you grow up? green (she doesn't understand quite yet!)

What is your favorite book to read? teachin' book

What makes you happy? stickers

What makes you sad? (just sat and looked away)

What is your favorite food? green beans

What is your favorite song to sing? row row (as in Row, Row Your Boat)

What games do you like to play? Papa's game on hone (his iPhone games!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Travels

Blake and Easton went on their first plane rides this weekend. Tim was going to Frisco for a bachelor party up at Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma, so the kids and I stayed with his parents. We had fun, but we were tired from all the fun!
We went swimming, played at the splash park, rode the carousel at the mall, played at the playground, and ate at several yummy restaurants. Blake kept saying "poor Daddy out of town, with Kane" because she felt sorry for him not being with us I guess!
I mentally prepared myself for the worst, but was hoping the kids would travel okay on the plane. Blake knew exactly what to expect and didn't need any of the activities I packed for distraction! She happily chewed her gum (want dark green Momma) and looked out the window (sit by window Momma)... the girl knows exactly what she wants! Easton was his usual calm self just watching everything and everyone, until landing... he started kicking, wiggling, and laughing after we touched down, when the plane slows down real fast.
We finally got home around 11:00 Sunday night... flying is better because it is much faster, but I did miss out on bringing alot of the kids gear that I had to do without. But I'm glad they're happy fliers!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Play Time

We tried out the jumper the other night. Blake had fun pushing Easton in it. He's not quite heavy or coordinated enough to bounce himself, so I raised him up to swinging height. Blake got tired of pushing him, and this is what happened! Conked himself out.
We've been taking walks at night after dinner because Blake really likes going to the park and it's not as hot by then. She mostly walks around checking everything out, but she did great this night and was swinging in the big-kid style swing with her daddy pushing her. She also liked being in the middle of this half-sphere climbing thing!
(Poor picture quality: taken from my phone!)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmers Market Ready

Look what all we had to take downtown to the farmers market: Pinky Pie in the stroller, Easton in his stroller, and Blake insisted that Daddy hold Hannah and her purse. Too funny!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Months

Here is my beautiful 5 month old baby boy! I only took a couple pictures before my camera died at my parents' house today. (Pictures taken in the white recliner taken a day late due to ac problems and having to vacate due to heat!!)
Easton is the best little boy ever. Of course, his sister loves him dearly as do we all! He is so easy-going and as always, is so happy just being by people.
Who me?!
Awwww, you're going to make me blush!
But in all seriousness, this little boy is an easy baby (I know I'm blessed!). I feel like he is getting big too fast! Easton is a strong, determined, watchful, loving, sweet boy full of giggles, squeals and cuddles.
I swear he's going to be crawling any day now. He really works getting up on his knees and then tries for his elbows, too. Easton tries to hold his head up but usually doesn't last too long. His favorite form of movement is rolling across the floor. Easton doesn't stay where you put him for long. But he is really liking his exersaucer these days and tried out his doorway jumper for the first time today. Blake liked pushing him and swinging him around!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Somebody is a happy boy!
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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Blake took Molly shopping at HEB this morning. As Tim was getting the stroller out of the car, I asked him if he ever thought he would be doing that. He just smiled and shook his head!
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Monday, July 4, 2011

First Food and Haircut!

I have been thinking about cutting Easton's hair for a few months now. He has always had alot of hair, but it's thinning in the back where he sleeps on it and it's lightening. Anyway, it was real scraggly above the ears and on the neckline. I tried to cut it at the lake, but he was too wiggly, so I got Grandma to do it.
Much better! (but he likes to rub his left hand on his head by his ear, so that hair never lays down)
As for the cereal... I was going to wait until after we returned to start Easton on solids, but my mom bought some cereal so we went for it! Mr. Drama-King was hilarious... the faces and the gagging!We're on day 3 of rice cereal, and he definitely doesn't love it. Easton's not sure what to think.

Happy 4th of July

Or Happy July, as Blake was telling me today! We spent a wonderful weekend at the lake with my parents and my brother. (Katie was missed, but she was home with her family growing a baby!)
We already knew that this is an easy-going baby (another thing just like his dad!), but Easton was a trooper at the lake! He had his first hair-cut, his first time eating rice cereal, and his first time swimming! More details on those later...
And Blake was so much fun! She really did great in the water and had a ball playing with her silly uncle and grandparents.
We got to the lake Friday night, but Blake rode down with my parents earlier that day. She went swimming (it was warm enough this trip!) with a life jacket and floaties on. My parents said she did great kicking and would even swim back and forth between them! I couldn't believe it, because she's so cautious... I couldn't wait to see her in action. Blake also loves boat rides, so Saturday morning after breakfast we all went on a boat ride while we waited for Travis to arrive.
Blake was excited to feed the ducks with her daddy at a close-by dock.
The boat ride put Easton to sleep! So he finished his nap back at the dock while we swam.
Blake especially liked to swim over to the "gooey" (buoy) and touch it.
Even Easton got in. He loved the warm water and kept kicking his legs!
Since he liked it so much, Grandma got two rafts out and both Blake and Easton liked getting to float by themselves.
Uncle Bubba had them both laughing so hard!
By the end of the weekend, even Hannah couldn't stand it and had to swim, too!

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 4th Weekend

We're going to the lake for the weekend! These 2 are ready. Updates and pictures to come...
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